Paladins Has Released Their New Egyptian-Themed Sands Of Myth Battle Pass On All Platforms

Paladins Has Released Their New Egyptian-Themed Sands Of Myth Battle Pass On All Platforms
Credit: Hi-Rez Studio

Paladins was an early adopter of the Battle Pass system, and now their latest version is available for purchase. The Community Battle Pass will become unpurchasable and will be promptly replaced with Sands of Myth. This Egyptian themed battle pass leaves a glowing aura of a different world in its cosmetic unlocks. Experience the feel of Egyptian royalty by progressing through the battle pass season.

Players will receive instant rewards for purchasing the pass, and they can unlock more than 100 extra rewards for leveling through the battle pass. Everyone starts earning Sands of Myth Battle Pass experience as soon as the patch is live, unlocking free rewards alongside the premium track.

There are other additions aside from the Battle Pass to the game with this patch. Frog Isle has received a visual rework, and now it lives up to its name with tons of frog iconography scattered around the map. Low poly rocks are now stylized frog statues giving the map a much-needed makeover.

An update has been applied that removes both Killcam and Top Play from the game. In their place, the developers have added Death Cards, an improved post-match lobby, and repaired several Death recap bugs. The number of bugs involved in the Killcam and Top Play system was not worth the developer’s effort to repair; for a full answer, look towards the developer blog as they explain their thinking.

The new Death Cards act as a cosmetic item. Your death card appears to enemies who kill you in a match. They feature unique art along with a small quip chosen by the player.

There has been a ton of extra work done towards how damage works in the game. The developers have revamped how the number behaves and added some audio changes that make hitting players feel more impactful. Many of the game’s HUD elements have been adjusted to reduce the noise present during combat.

Tons of other adjustments have been made to every character, with numbers being reduced or increased. For a full rundown of changes, you can find a list on the Paladins main site under the Sands of Myth patch notes. There are no major impacts being made, only slight changes across the board.

Paladins is a hero shooter that appeared several years ago. It is free to play on every platform and can be found on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.