Overwatch Is Now Free To Play For A Week; Will Include Every Hero And 27 Maps

Overwatch Is Now Free To Play For A Week; Will Include Every Hero And 27 Maps
Credit: BagoGames via Flickr (license)

There’s nothing better than having access to AAA games for free for an extended period of time. We see many companies offer gamers these free-to-play windows, letting people who haven’t purchased their games experience what it would be like if they had.

It appears Blizzard Entertainment is taking this approach to Overwatch, a first-person shooter multiplayer that came out in 2016 for Windows PC, Xbox One, and PS4. As of today, you can play this popular title all the way until April 23. That’s roughly a week of entertaining combat you can experience with friends, for absolutely no charge. Blizzard Entertainment is offering this free trial to celebrate their upcoming Archives event, Storm Rising.

This is a great opportunity for gamers who have yet to experience this first-person shooter. You’ll have access to every hero and loot boxes. If you’re worried about losing stats and character progression, you’ll be happy to know that this free trial will save everything. So once it does end and you want to buy Overwatch outright, everything will be as you left it.

For those who are new to Overwatch, you can expect intense 6v6 multiplayer combat action. You can’t just mindlessly approach combat either. You’re constantly forced to take a tactful approach, where you work together as a team to come out on top.

Despite all of the strategical decisions you’re forced to make, you’re not overwhelmed at any point. The game is very easy to pick up and have success with, whether you’re looking to be a long-range sniper or a tactics-oriented leader.

There are so many characters to choose from as well. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to switch up classes and find one that you like the most. Blizzard Entertainment also did a phenomenal job at giving each character unique characteristics. You’ll become attached to a lot of them after playing through several sessions.

There is great weapon variety in this game as well. Which weapon you use depends primarily on the character you’ve selected. You won’t find a weapon that works for all combat situations either. This makes things interesting and creates a level playing field, even when up against opponents that have many matches under their belt.

Another great thing about this trial is you’ll have access to an incredible 27 maps. Each is different and warrants specific tactical approaches. If you’re in the mood for some competitive combat, you can’t go wrong with Overwatch. Your first match will have you hooked.