Overwatch 2 Is Not Fully A Sequel All Along As Blizzard Is Merging It With Overwatch 1

Overwatch 2 Is Not Fully A Sequel All Along As Blizzard Is Merging It With Overwatch 1
Credit: lzuniy via YouTube

Blizzard Entertainment has officially announced the arrival of Overwatch 2 during this week’s BlizzCon. This has definitely brought excitement among fans since the rumors have been confirmed finally.

For many months, gamers have been waiting for more updates about the highly anticipated sequel. However, its developer-publisher had remained mum, giving no idea of whether it is on its way or not. Meanwhile, here is a cinematic rendering of Overwatch 2 to step up fans’ excitement further.

The new Overwatch has been introduced as a separate title to experience. Nevertheless, it appears that it would not stay that way for too long. Blizzard Entertainment is planning to merge it with its predecessor. The plan may look ambitious for some, but others may be happy that this development came about.

The reported move of the American game developer and publisher is anchored on the idea of competitiveness. This was what Jeff Kaplan shared in an interview.

The game director noted that it is their desire at Blizzard to bring competitiveness among clients. This can be in experience or in gaining an advantage as players of both Overwatch 1 and Overwatch 2. As such, the first installment’s gamers would not feel being left out just because the second one will be launched.

While the upcoming game is not around yet, Kaplan disclosed interesting information in the form of assurance. According to him, the original title would still continue to receive updates prior to the release of Overwatch 2.

In the meantime, various reports have claimed that new heroes would come to the multiplayer first-person shooter game’s forthcoming sequel. These would be added to the 31 heroes included in Overwatch 1. With that being said, players could expect some changes in the gameplay as new challenges and capabilities would be incorporated.

One of the anticipated changes is the map, especially with the introduction of the symmetrical Push. With it, players would have the ability to push the robot towards the base of the enemy. This is possible even if the opponent is seen in the middle of the map.

Hero Missions are expected to have some adjustments, as well. Among them is the option to customize the heroes and make them level up. This is particularly helpful in co-op mode.

When it comes to the story mission that involves four players in co-op play, they can dive into the vast lore. This would enable them to succeed in their mission.

Amid the announcement of the new game, Blizzard has not yet identified an official release date.