Overwatch 2, According To Dunkey, Is The Year’s Most Horrible Game

Overwatch 2, According To Dunkey, Is The Year’s Most Horrible Game
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Overwatch 2 has been described by Videogamedunkey as being the most horrible game of 2022. Overwatch 2 was one of the most exciting games for a considerable amount of time, and even though the game had a tremendous debut week, the game was plagued with problems.

To begin, almost immediately after the game was released, it was subjected to a DDoS attack, which blocked users from signing in. Even after that issue was fixed, the game continued to have server difficulties, which resulted in lengthy wait times and sometimes even kicked players out of the game entirely.

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Furthermore, for users to even be allowed to log in to the game, they need to provide their phone numbers to Activision with a contentious update. This makes an already difficult situation even more difficult. It’s all somewhat confusing, but the game itself is… well, it’s Overwatch!

In some people’s eyes, that is the core of the issue. Videogamedunkey, a user on YouTube, agrees with that assessment and detailed how Overwatch 2 is not simply more of the same as the first game but is, in some areas, really worse. He emphasizes how the game has regressed, particularly about the capabilities and performance of certain characters, and he says this is particularly disappointing.

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Given that Dunkey has been a player of Overwatch for a considerable amount of time, it would be interesting to hear his thoughts on the controversial modifications that have been made to the game, as well as the areas in which the game is deficient. Despite this, Overwatch 2 has been getting a lot of positive feedback, but it hasn’t been without its detractors. It is not nearly as much of a true sequel as it is, only an improved and modernized version of the game that came before it.