Over 20 Million Users Find Their Way Onto Steam All On The Same Day As Coronavirus Fears Grow

Over 20 Million Users Find Their Way Onto Steam All On The Same Day As Coronavirus Fears Grow
Credit: Valve via YouTube

Some things in this world are truly scary if you think about it. There are lightning bolts, car crashes, airplanes going down, and all kinds of terrorism. When this coronavirus thing started off a few weeks ago, I never for once thought it would end up affecting us in such a severe way, but here we are. There are places all across the country that are going into quarantine and there are people who are getting sick everywhere. The worst thing about it all is that the CDC has said the infected could grow exponentially if we don’t all start practicing social isolation. That’s crazy!

It is also why we are now starting to see people all across the country not going out and things like that, this is why so many workplaces are not allowing their workers to come in and are starting to do telecommute work, etc. In some states, there are even mandates shutting down all of the restaurants, bars, and cafes. That’s wild. But one thing we are seeing is a whole boatload of people who are just super bored and looking for something to do. Well, enter video games, baby.

Just this week, at one point, the powerful Steam marketplace ended up reaching over 20 million users on it using it at one time. That is purely powerful stuff, and if you ask us, we love it. This is only going to make things easier for gamers going forward as we all find our way out there to get the things done we need to get done.

The thing about Steam is that it is an online marketplace run by Valve, which is the same group of people who created the Half-life games, you might have heard about them?

They’re the ones being run into the ground by the powerful developer and business guru known as Gabe Newell. Well, anyway, there’s a whole lot of stuff going on there.

This is likely the first time any game marketplace has ever set such a tremendous record. And what it means is the gaming world will start to become more and more powerful as we move forward. More games mean more people out there doing work that benefits all of us. As this industry grows, so will we. Thousands of games are waiting out there now for all of us to sit down and enjoy, and the many people now into gaming will only increase going forward.