One Week Left To Participate In Steam Summer Sale And Race For Prizes In Steam Grand Prix

One Week Left To Participate In Steam Summer Sale And Race For Prizes In Steam Grand Prix
Credit: Steam

Every year, Steam hosts an annual summer sale full of amazing discounts that players leap to take advantage of.

Last year, the sale boasted an intergalactic theme, but this year, the popular game distribution platform is spicing things up with the Steam Grand Prix Event – a way for users to enjoy the sales and play games with an interactive experience and the chance to win prizes.

“Team up with friends to complete quests, earn personal rewards, and race to the finish each day of the Summer Sale,” boasts the Grand Prix’s homepage.

Players start by picking a team, which can’t be changed for the duration of the Grand Prix, and includes Hare, Corgi, Cockatiel, Pig, and Tortoise.

Every user has a Driver’s Manual, which shows how to gain points to qualify for quests to earn achievements.

According to the Driver’s Manual Appendix, “all players begin with at least 100 max points, and for each day that you participate, your maximum will increase by 100 points.” Steam also encourages players to purchase games throughout the sale, because every $1 spent equals another increase of 100 points.

Grand Prix Quests are based on free games, eligible games that players already own, participating games, and any game that has achievements through Steam. Players can earn different amounts of points based on the quests that they complete, which in turn helps their team.

A significant and inviting component of the Steam Grand Prix is the possibility for players to receive a free item from their Steam Wishlist.

Every day, the standings update to reflect which team has the most points.

According to the Rules of the Road, “Drivers from the top three finishing teams on a given day will be selected at random to receive the top ranked item from their Steam Wishlist.”

Statistically, first place awards 300 different, randomly chosen players, second place awards 200 players, and third place awards 100 players.

Once the event ends, 1,000 players from each of the top three leading teams will receive anywhere from 1-3 items off of their Wishlist, based on favorited items.

The Steam Grand Prix provides an excellent way for users to make the most of the annual summer sale. Players who participate can also earn tokens through earning points, which can be spent at the Pit Stop for extra rewards like Steam backgrounds and emotes.

For players who don’t feel like participating in the Grand Prix Quests, it’s still simple to contribute to a team and potentially earn rewards just by purchasing items on Steam during the event. Players who don’t join a team at all will also be able to get tokens which can be redeemed at the end of the Grand Prix

The Steam Summer Sale began June 25th and will run until July 9th; however, the Steam Grand Prix will end on July 7th.

Now’s the time for players to update their Steam Wishlist, join a team, and take advantage of the sale while it lasts.