Odoamne Is Set To Join Rogue As The Starting Top Laner In League European Championship

Odoamne Is Set To Join Rogue As The Starting Top Laner In League European Championship
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

After a roller coaster of a season with Schalke 04, veteran top laner Odoamne is slated to join Rogue’s main roster for the 2021 LEC Spring Split, according to an ESPN report.

The 25-year old has been with Schalke since the end of 2018, but hasn’t found much success with the team. The 2020 Summer Split was also one of the most tumultuous of his career, although, the team mounted a comeback during the final few weeks of the regular season.

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Through the first half of the summer, Schalke lost in each of their first seven matches. Things seemed dire for the team, and many people wondered if they’d even get a win during the season.

One of the most miraculous runs would occur in the sixth week of the regular season, though. After swapping out junglers, the team went on an improbable seven-game winning streak to barely make the playoffs. Although they did get eliminated by MAD Lions, their efforts were applauded by most of the League of Legends community.

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Not only is Rogue switching out their top laners, but they’re also promoting their Academy support, Trymbi, into the starting lineup. AGO Rogue recently won the European Masters Summer event—the team only lost two games throughout the entire tournament.

As one of the more well-known European talents, Odoamne is a prime pickup for a Rogue squad that has needed a bit more firepower in their lineup. Should these moves go through, Rogue will be that much closer to becoming a contender for the European championship.

Odoamne joined newly formed Cloud 9 Eclipse at the start of the season, and this saw him playing in a roster that included Febiven and Voidle. The team’s first tournament was the SCAN EUW Winter Invitational. The roster managed to impress from the very start, finishing 1st after beating Gamers2 in the final of the tournament. Odoamne and the team continued in the same form, winning Challenger Spring #1. An uncharacteristic dip in the team’s play lead to Cloud 9 Eclipse being knocked out of Challenger Spring #2, losing to Departed in the quarterfinals.

Despite this, Odoamne and the team went on to win a number of tournaments on the run. The first of these was Week 20 of the EUW Challenger Series, where they took revenge by beating Departed in the final. Next up was the 2014 Black Monster Cup Europe – Spring, where C9E took further revenge, beating Denial eSports.Europe in the final after the organization picked up the roster of Departed. The team also won International Invitational Tournament 3, beating Dark Passage in the final.

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Soon after, Cloud 9 Eclipse competed at the Copenhagen Games 2014 with Santorin subbing in the jungle – the team managed a 2nd place finish, behind Ninjas in Pyjamas. Odoamne and C9E then returned to the Challenger Series with the Spring Playoffs. The team won the tournament, again taking revenge by beating Ninjas in Pyjamas in the final. This would mean that C9E would have a chance to qualify for the LCS in the Summer Promotion. Unfortunately for Odoamne and the team, they lost their promotion match-up against SUPA HOT CREW. Odoamne and Cloud 9 Eclipse’s last tournament would be the LoL Pro League – Season I, which they managed to win. After this, the team’s roster was released. Odoamne and the majority of the former C9E roster then decided to join H2k-Gaming.