Nvidia’s Geforce Now Game Streaming Service Is Finally Available For Android Users

Nvidia’s Geforce Now Game Streaming Service Is Finally Available For Android Users
Credit: FlickStiq via YouTube

Game streaming service for smartphones is hitting the mobile gaming industry in a quite extravagant way, and Nvidia, the giant company that invents GPU, takes advantage of the emergence of this latest technology and join the battle.

GeForce Now is a cloud gaming service developed by Nvidia. Several years ago, the company launched the service for three platforms, including Nvidia Shield devices, Microsoft Windows, as well as macOS. The service supported over 400 games from all across popular gaming online stores, such as Steam and Uplay. The gamers only need to create a single account to enjoy the games across multiple devices anytime, anywhere.

The company keeps improving its cloud gaming service, and a few months ago, the company initially announced its plan to develop Geforce Now streaming service that is compatible with Android devices.

Surprisingly, the plan does not take much time to materialize, and the rollout on Android devices has begun recently. As of the moment, the service can be accessed by Android users living in South Korea, as reported by 9to5Google. An APK app for Android users that live outside of South Korea is also available. Interested users may try sideloading the app into their android devices via APKMirror.

The gaming app gives the same experience for gamers as that of on Nvidia Shield, computer, and MAC, as reported by the XDA Developers after testing the app.

Gamers that are a part of the original beta can use their account to sign in, pick a game to play from the app icons that are showcased in a grid view (based on the games that they owned), and start playing the game.

Though the service is compatible with Android devices, there is a possibility that certain games do not support touchscreen controls. Hence, it is a good idea for gamers to prepare a controller when trying to play from their Android devices.

Though the cloud gaming service rollout for Android has started, there are still several details remained unknown, such as the cost of the services. Considering that the service has been in a beta testing phase for a while, gamers wondered when the service would finally get out of its perpetual beta. The good news is that the gaming service in its been beta testing is free.

As the giant company, Microsoft and Google, have their cloud gaming services hitting the market soon, namely, xCloud and Stadia, respectively, Nvidia might need to prepare itself for a fierce competition to stay ahead of the game.