Notorious Game EVE Online Reveals Its Upcoming Feature: Grief Counseling for New Players

Notorious Game EVE Online Reveals Its Upcoming Feature: Grief Counseling for New Players
Credit: EVE Online via YouTube

EVE Online is a challenging game to conquer. The difficulty is too high that the game cuts down the numbers of new players by 90% in just seven days; only 10% of the 600,000 beginners played the game longer than seven days.

This game is famous for its reputation of having ruthless treachery and wicked plots; its reputation reaches even outside of its fan base. In the game, players become barbaric and always wait for the best moment to blow other players out. What makes the game even more horrifying is its dense interface, and the complicated layers of the sandbox system.

Unlike most MMOs, death in the game will result in a terrible outcome; some of these consequences include players losing their ship, their armed modules, any held cargo, and several other expensive items.

This is indeed a terrifying game to comprehend and may take players months or even years to master; there is just so much to learn in the game. The CEO Petursson also compared the game to an extreme endurance sport without the mental or physical stamina.

A couple of weeks ago, the game developer, CCP Games, held its yearly Fanfest convention. The CEO reveals the surprising truth that compared to other MMOs and regardless of age, the game brings in more beginners every year.

To the dismay of the company, the well-known notoriously tough game successfully drive away from most beginners within a short seven days. Only a small number of beginners remained and played the game beyond seven days.

The truth is indeed devastating, especially for the developer. Hence, to solve this problem, the game’s developer attempted several solutions and methods, including offering grief counseling for the beginners in their first loss in the game. Because of all the struggles that beginners face, the most hurtful experience would be losing their first ship.

Currently, the game developer is creating the required tools that can alert moderators whenever a new player loses the first ship.

This feature is created in the hope of getting the beginners to stay in the game for much longer. The developers admit that they are serious in this endeavor and have used a lot of funds for this feature, which is an attempt that is different from what they used to do.

Though the investment is quite significant, the CEO believed that this would bring the greatest opportunity for the game, as supported by their analysis.

This counseling feature will be incorporated into the game in its upcoming updates.