No Man’s Sky Pet Update Allows The Player To Tame Alien Creatures That Speak To You

No Man’s Sky Pet Update Allows The Player To Tame Alien Creatures That Speak To You
Credit: Hello Games via YouTube

To celebrate the game’s fifth anniversary – yes, you read that right – No Man’s Sky’s newest update introduces pets to the game. You can tame them, raise them, breed them, and train them. Oh, and they also speak to you.

Think taming dinosaurs in Ark: Survival Evolved, then add in some other interesting features that fit the sci-fi setting. Weird and wonderful alien creatures are now at your disposal. Check out the trailer:

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It seems like the expansive universe of No Man’s Sky is getting a little friendlier, even for the solo players. The Companions Update allows you to interact with the bizarre procedurally-generated wildlife in brand new ways.

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Players can adopt a creature by taming it in the wild, and the beast will then accompany you on all your adventures. Different planets and eco-systems have different types of creatures, and these creatures will have different personalities.

You can pet the creatures – of course! – and feed them, too. Play games with them to fill those quiet NMS moments. Oh, and the creatures can also talk directly to the player, through a “neural harness” that relays their speech to your channel.

Besides just being a wild friend out there in the universe, the aliens can also be trained to fulfill simple tasks. They can use their natural skills to find resources in the wild, identify hazards and pitfalls, and search for treasure.

They also provide light for nighttime exploration, hunt other dangerous animals to keep you safe, and can even be trained to mine for minerals. Space dog? Yes, please.

If you thought this was all sounded a bit like Pokemon, then you’re not far off. Players can also breed their aliens and get them to hatch eggs.

With the new Space Anomaly Egg Sequencer, players can play around with the genetic make-up of their creatures and foster brand new exotic species with more skills.

And guess what? You can then trade these eggs and creatures with other players, creating a sort of alien hyper-market. Now we’ve just got to have them battle and you really will have Pokemon in space.

Lastly, the new pets also come with a brand new set of accessories and customization so you can make the creatures your own. On a pet-unrelated note, the update also introduces some faster load times for PS4 players. Nice.

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Hello Games is now entering its fifth year of development for its space-sim, a game that continues to receive free updates after free updates.