Nintendo Wii Games Are Surprisingly Still In Production Because Of The Continued Demand

Nintendo Wii Games Are Surprisingly Still In Production Because Of The Continued Demand
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

One of the most successful consoles to come out in the past few decades has to be the Nintendo Wii. It featured motion-sensor controls that enabled gamers to really be active for the first time. It was a novel idea that spread like wildfire. Not only was the design innovative, but some really great games came out for the system.

Some of the most popular included Super Mario Galaxy, Xenoblade Chronicles, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and everyone’s favorite, Wii Sports. These games put the Nintendo Wii on the map, and even to this day, they’re highly regarded by gamers.

The Wii originally hit the market back in 2006. It’s 2019 and even still, games are being produced for it. This is quite incredible given how old this system is. So just exactly why and what games are coming out for the Wii?

Well, it all started with the reveal of Just Dance 2020 at this year’s E3. It showcased the visuals and gameplay that fans of the series have grown accustomed to over the years. Then, the unexpected happened. A Wii logo appeared on the game cover of the title. Was Just Dance 2020 really coming out for the Nintendo Wii?

It in fact is. This news has led to some pretty interesting Reddit and Twitter posts. Some even proclaimed that the game was coming to the system so that senior citizens could play it at hospitals. Of course, this isn’t the reason behind this decision. It is fun to speculate, though.

Fortunately, we received a little clarification from a Ubisoft representative. Apparently, this game is coming to the Wii because there is still a demand for the console. There aren’t any sales figures or data to support these claims, but it’s an interesting decision from Ubisoft. We haven’t quite seen this tactic employed by developers of this console generation.

If you have a Wii and are a fan of the Just Dance series, it may be finally time to dust it off or take it out of storage. With this development, it makes many wonder what future games could come to the Wii in 2019 and 2020. It wouldn’t be surprising to see more developers get behind the Wii’s resurgence.

This news is really surprising to hear. The Nintendo Switch is the leading console seller for the company, but still, people love their Wiis. It just goes to show you that even when consoles become dated, there are still loyal fans supporting them.