Nintendo Switch Receives A New Patch Entitled 9.2.0, But Don’t Expect It To Do A Lot

Nintendo Switch Receives A New Patch Entitled 9.2.0, But Don’t Expect It To Do A Lot
Credit: SwitchForce via YouTube

This month is the third anniversary of the release of the Nintendo Switch, one of the most revolutionary consoles to ever hit the gaming world.

While Nintendo didn’t exactly throw a party with confetti and streamers to celebrate its signature console turning three, it did release an all new system update. Unfortunately, it doesn’t add a whole lot.

The update, entitled 9.2.0 is now available and will be automatically downloaded the next time you connect to an online service using your Switch. You can also manually download the update from the System Update menu, which can be found in System Settings.

When trying to look into the specifics of 9.2.0, you’ll find a vague reference to improvements on system stability that will enhance the user’s experience, however there are no specifics given on how that actually happens. While some have surmised that there’s a hidden meaning behind this update that Nintendo is keeping under wraps, there’s no evidence of that.

Updates to the Switch systems happen several times throughout the year, and while some can reshape the user interface and overall functionality of the console, this does not appear to be such a case here.

Nintendo’s last major firmware update was back in December of 2019, when it rolled out version 9.1.0. Before that, it was version 9.0.0, which hit Switch consoles in September of last year.

As the Switch enters its third year, it has enjoyed tremendous success. Sales of the console have surpassed 52 million worldwide in that time. That makes the Switch the third highest selling Nintendo home console of all time and the eighth highest selling home game console in history.

The Wii still holds the top spot for Nintendo, with 102.49 million units sold. Second place for Nintendo is the original Nintendo Entertainment System, which came out in 1983 and sold 61.91 million consoles.

The Wii actually holds the distinction of being the fourth highest selling home console of all time. The top three spots are still held by Sony. The PlayStation 2 is the highest selling console of all time, with more than 155 million sales under its belt. In second place, you’ve got the PlayStation 4, with 108.9 million consoles. Then there’s the original Sony PlayStation with 102.49 million units.

The Switch’s spot on this list means that it edged out some other Nintendo heavy hitters. It just beat out the Super Nintendo, which pulled in 49.1 million sales. The Nintendo 64 was next on the list with 32.93 million. The GameCube is second to last with 21.74 million. To no one’s surprise, the Wii U is the lowest selling Nintendo home console of all time with just 13.56 million units.