Nintendo Releases Amazing Kirby Art Book To Commemorate Kirby’s Powerful History In The Realm Of Games

Nintendo Releases Amazing Kirby Art Book To Commemorate Kirby’s Powerful History In The Realm Of Games
Credit: Nintendo

Nintendo is truly the king of good merch. Unlike its competitors, Nintendo is only seeking to make everyone happy, and while they definitely are trying to make a buck off of their stuff, it almost never comes at the expense of the customer. If you have been a fan of Nintendo for as long as we have, then you will recognize how true this actually is. It is one of the truest of the tries, and Nintendo is just a great example of everything a company could be if the company would just let itself go out there and get the love done when it needs to get done.

That’s the basic feeling you get from Nintendo’s latest piece of merch: a brand new Kirby art book kind of thingy. And yes, it really is that good. It has drawings of Kirby from every single angle you could possibly imagine, and all of the art is fresh as everything you’ve ever seen. One might think to themselves, “Wait, but Kirby is just a pink ball.” And that’s where you’re wrong. Well, technically you’re right. But the sentiment itself is wrong. To find exactly why this is the case, then keep on reading below.

First of all, this new artbook is going to come with pictures upon pictures. You ever wanted to see a photo of Kirby’s foot from 12 different angles? Done. Did you want to see his foot blue? Done. Whatever you need, this book will (probably) have it. It is really that great. It is, quite possibly, the greatest art book of all time.

A few years ago, the man who originally gave his name to the infamous character known as Kirby died. He was a lawyer, and if he could see the heights of where his character has finally reached, then he would be incredibly happy and all of the rest of that stuff. It really does work like that.

So where will these people go to figure out what needs to be done and all of the rest of that stuff? Well, it is rather simple, they will go out of their way to make the world the way it needs to be. And this includes buying the magical new artbook being released by Nintendo and their associates.

The art book can be purchased wherever books are sold, and if you want to get Kirby’s latest game, then this can also be found on the game console known as the Nintendo Switch.