Nintendo Is Finally Beta-Testing An Online Multiplayer Mode For Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo Is Finally Beta-Testing An Online Multiplayer Mode For Mario Kart Tour
Credit: XCageGame via YouTube

If you’re a fan of Super Mario Kart, you’ve probably already gotten your hands on Mario Kart Tour. This mobile racer is completely free to download on the iOS and Android marketplace. Although there have been many to bring up the fact that there are so many microtransactions, the game has done pretty well. It’s one of the best mobile games in terms of downloads of this generation, in fact.

However, there has been one absent feature that many have wanted since launch. That is an online multiplayer mode. Players have only been able to battle it out with computer kart racers, which offer some fun moments, but often leave more to be desired in terms of competition.

Well, it appears Nintendo is working on an online multiplayer given the demand from the Mario Kart community. The mode is being unveiled in a limited-time beta format. The beta is currently underway and will last through December 27th. It won’t be available to everyone, though.

You must have a Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass, a monthly subscription service that awards members badges, gifts, and the 200cc mode. The subscription model has received a lot of negative feedback from gamers who believe most of the additional content should be free.

Whichever side you fall on, it’s still great to see Nintendo pushing for online multiplayer. The beta period will give them the opportunity to see what major issues there are so that they can be fixed before the mode is officially unveiled. So far, it looks like the biggest issue is quick battery drainage and a couple of glitches.

When Nintendo does unveil the highly requested multiplayer mode, it will be interesting to see how many more downloads they can get.

Regardless of how you feel about microtransactions, there are a couple of great aspects of Mario Kart Tour. First and foremost, it’s a completely free experience. If you’re a pretty reserved mobile gamer, you can simply ignore the microtransactions completely. You’ll still enjoy some fun racing mechanics, although not as fun as a full fledged Mario Kart experience.

There are also plenty of characters to play as. Each character has distinct attributes that give you an edge in certain departments. If you can look past the premium content, then there is a lot to love about this game. And who hasn’t wanted to take their Mario Kart experiences on the go with a phone?