Ninjala Remains On Track For A Spring 2020 Release, This Cute Brawler From GungHo Is Getting Ready For A Full Release

Ninjala Remains On Track For A Spring 2020 Release, This Cute Brawler From GungHo Is Getting Ready For A Full Release
Credit: TheGungHoChannel via Youtube

GungHo Online has confirmed that their cute brawler title Ninjala is still on schedule for a spring 2020 release. This is said to be “very satisfying to seasoned gamers” by GungHo president Kazuki Morishita. It is being targeted to people of all ages and looks to be a bubble gum chewing good time.

GungHo is known as one of the major pushers in the world of microtransactions. This fact has many fans wary of trusting the company as it could be filled with limitations and unneeded monetary requirements. The teaser has several fans hooked as the game looks like it could be a smashing good time.

Ninjala is a morphing ninja gum action game. It allows players to blow bubble gum and craft weapons. These weapons are used in the unconventional fighting method ninjutsu, which makes these the bubble popping ninjas in this thriving cityscape.

The game has several different landscapes that force players to adapt their play style on the fly. Mix that with lighting fast reflexes and super parkour mechanics players are left with a fun looking combat experience complete with counter abilities. This game could easily be a massive success and bring a new ea to the world of ninjas in competitive online battles.

Before getting your hopes up too far, remember that GungHo is sure to have some level of microtransaction built-in. It is still too early to tell how invasive this will be and whether or not it will limit the game experience as a whole.

This game could easily be as successful as Splatoon or any other competitive game on the Nintendo Switch. Its got the style, charm, and design to be a really great title. New characters, cosmetics, and special colored bubblegum would all be generally safe microtransactions without limiting the gameplay experience.

There is hope for this game to have a good balance between gameplay experience and microtransactions. Takeshi Arakawa, co-producer for Dissidia Final Fantasy, is part of the development staff. That game did a great job balancing the microtransactions with the gameplay itself, and with his guidance and insight, many are seeing a positive light in this project.

Ninjala is set to be a Nintendo Switch exclusive. There is currently no price listed for the game, but it is sure to be a multiplayer experience, so make sure to have an active internet connection before investing in this game. Successful or not, this is for sure a game to keep on the watchlist and see where it ends up a year from now.