Nihon Falcom’s, Ys VII: Lacrimosa Of Dana Got A Major Update To Mainly Improve The Visuals And Also A New Co-op Mode

Nihon Falcom’s, Ys VII: Lacrimosa Of Dana Got A Major Update To Mainly Improve The Visuals And Also A New Co-op Mode
Credit: Nintendo

Ys VII: Lacrimosa of Dana just got a significant update on PC, bringing out a lot of improvements, and also a newly added feature that is not present in the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 releases.

This new update involves major visual upgrades as well as advanced animations, HBAO+ sport, a high-quality texture, and support for high-refresh monitors and much more.

Listed below are some of the implemented lists to see in this new patch:

For Graphics/Performance:
• Improved frame-pacing and animations sync accuracy at every conceivable framerate
• Arbitrary main rendering resolution enabled
• Improved menu opening/closing behavior
• Character and foe animations now properly timed at 100+ FPS
• Support available for high-refresh monitors and >60Hz V-sync.
• Replaced ineffective anti-aliasing blur filter with high-quality screen space AA
• Bloom, refraction, and glare post-processing effects now ramp up with resolution
• Minimap rendering resolution now adapts to rendering resolution, preventing pixelated map at high resolution
• Significantly upgraded quality of UI (substituting low-res screen capture)
• Upgraded standard shadow filtering without performance loss, plus two new, more top-quality filter options
• Included option for rendering additional environment shadows
• Included supersampling/subsampling option (which also affects secondary 3D rendering)
• Upgraded shadow rendering performance by preventing unnecessary memory traffic
• Fixed animation speed of HUD elements at >30 FPS (e.g., full health bar)
• Upgraded the quality of measured lighting
• Applied HBAO+ ambient occlusion as another option to higher-quality SSAO option
• Added a draw distance setting which applies to grass/clutter, monsters, and NPCs
• Implemented anisotropic filtering setting
• Added high-quality texture pack (generated from sources, partially with AI up-sampling, and complete mipmaps)
• Character styles in the equip menu now update at >30 FPS

Also, input, stability, and more was upgraded with the recent Ys VIII update.

• Camera mouse controls, replacing joystick emulation with direct 1:1 control
• Movement keys are now individually bindable
• Added keybinding for walking (slow movement) with keyboard/mouse controls
• Changed default bindings to fit common usage by PC gamers.

• Fixed unlocking of some achievements when playing with mouse/keyboard controls
• Fixed several typos and dialogue/text issues throughout the game
• Fixed slightly-too-low cloud save limit when using a massive number of saves.

• Fixed multiple video memory leaks
• Fixed potential crash when switching between languages
• Switched to 64-bit build to prevent address space fragmentation issues in long sessions
• Improved render thread synchronization to block specific types of race condition crashes
• Removed superfluous asset encryption

This recent update also brings local co-op multiplayer mode to Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana. However, please don’t get so excited about this update because it won’t necessarily make the game any more comfortable. The reason is that player-controlled characters do not gain from the halved disrupted AI-controlled role in only single-player mode.

Details about the Co-op Mode:
• Need to supply two Xinput controllers
• You must have two or more characters in the party for the second player to join the game.
• SP is shared
• The second player does not receive the “AI cheats” (i.e., AI-controlled characters only take half damage, whereas the other player in co-op mode will take the full amount of damage.)
• Not officially supported and limited support will be available for troubleshooting.

How to Enable the Co-op Mode:
• Open Steam libraries through the Steam client
• Right-click on Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA, and click “Properties.”
• Click “Set Launch Options”
• Input “–coop” into the parameter and click “OK.”
• Launch the game
• Press “Start” on the second controller to enable the second player.

While Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana was poorly managed, the recent update has become the definitive version of the game.

Also, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is now available on Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation 4 globally.