Next Patch For Rainbow Six Siege Will Make Lion Less Annoying, Nomad And Maestro Nerfs On The Way

Next Patch For Rainbow Six Siege Will Make Lion Less Annoying, Nomad And Maestro Nerfs On The Way
Credit: Ubisoft North America via YouTube

Finally, Lion will be less annoying than usual with the release of Rainbow Six Siege newest patch.

Aside from this, there will be interesting nerfs and reworks for Nomad and Maestro. Fans will be more than delighted to hear this.

As the Operation Burnt Horizon reaches its halfway point, Ubisoft decided to release Designer Notes for the game. Though this note is regularly scheduled, the release this time made everyone excited.

It turns out that these notes will introduce and lay-out huge balancing changes to the game’s next patch. Aside from the Rainbow Six Siege operator reworks, there are other surprises.

There will be nerfed for Maestro, Blitz, and Nomad. For Capitao and Lion, there will be reworks.

These are some of the changes that will be added to the operators:


● Red scan outline was replaced with consecutive pings
● Ability warning was reduced from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds
● Scanning ability was decreased from 4 seconds to 2 seconds
● Cooldown ability was also reduced from 27 seconds to 15 seconds
● The number of charges was increased from 2 charges to 3 charges

According to the Designer notes, the rework for Lion is ready to go. Ubisoft mentioned in the past that the rework for Lion is centered on making him less annoying to other defenders.

While doing this, his information operator role will still be maintained. This is a balanced and worthy decision, but many believe that he won’t be as interesting as he is now.

Fans believe that this change will just make it seem like they’re letting the drone do the work.


● Damage for every fire bolts tick was reduced from 19 to 12
● Effect area size was increased
● The area now takes 2 seconds before it achieves its maximum size
● Arrows now follow straight trajectory only within 10 meters.
More than that, these arrows will now start to fall because of gravity.

Ubisoft is indeed more than ready to introduce Capitão’s bolts reworks. It was first shown last February.

There are also changes and reworks for the characters of Maestro, Nomad, Kaid, Blitz, and Ying.

As of now, reverse friendly shot is still on its testing stage but it will be released soon. Today’s patch notes about test servers reveal that RFF will be activated after a complete teamkill.

Aside from that, the additional condition is for the team to reach a specific damage range.