New Innovative Mechanical Keyboard Woo-Dy Vows To Ease Typing On All Devices

New Innovative Mechanical Keyboard Woo-Dy Vows To Ease Typing On All Devices
Credit: O Gadget via YouTube

When you use a laptop computer, a desktop computer and a smartphone all for work, you’d certainly want to have a keyboard device that you can use for all of these.

The desktop computer is perhaps the most ergonomic of the three devices. The laptop’s keyboard is slightly smaller, and a bit more difficult to use. Of course, there’s no doubt as to how difficult and cumbersome it is to type on a mobile device, be it a smartphone or a tablet.

In this age, innovations like the Woo-Dy universal keyboard are definitely welcome.

The Woo-Dy universal keyboard is a portable typing device that is currently in Pre-Order on Kickstarter. According to the developers, they have conceptualized the Woo-dy with an eye for convenience, ergonomics, versatility, and sustainability.

There are two ways that the keyboard can be connected to your device. Your first option is Bluetooth wireless connectivity. This option allows you to use the keyboard in up to three devices. The Bluetooth options allow the Woo-dy to be used in iOS devices, which lack the USB cable in lieu of the proprietary or exclusive Lightning interface.

The second option is to use a Type-C USB cable. Simply plug in the smaller end of the cable to the keyboard, and the standard sized plug into a free slot in your PC or laptop’s USB board, and you’re good to go.

The Bluetooth connectivity promises a seamless, multi-tasking experience. Woo-dy not only makes typing a more comfortable experience, but it also enhances productivity at work.

Everyone has his or her own typing style, and the developers recognize that. That is why you can customize the Woo-dy’s switches to suit your own preferences. There are three types of switches to select from, namely, the Blue, Brown, and Red switches.

Blue is ideal for heavy-handed users who like to feel the mechanical action of the switch. Brown is ideal if you prefer a quiet operation. If you want a light touch, simply install the Red switches to the keyboard.

The developers also put in a software interface through which you can assign hotkeys for certain actions that you use at work. Once finalized, the settings are saved into the keyboard’s internal memory chip.

According to the device’s Kickstarter page, they expect delivery to commence in December 2019.