New Guerrilla Games Job Post Teases Major PlayStation 5 Release, Could Be Horizon Zero Dawn 2

New Guerrilla Games Job Post Teases Major PlayStation 5 Release, Could Be Horizon Zero Dawn 2
Credit: Guerrilla Games via YouTube

Guerrilla Games, who are the developers behind the Killzone series and Horizon Zero Dawn, recently posted several job listings where they’re teasing a major release for Sony’s next-generation console, the PlayStation 5. Apparently, the studio is trying to double its number of employees as they’re gearing up for what will most likely end up being the sequel to 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn.

Over the last few days, Guerrilla has posted roughly 60 job openings on its official website, with the studio looking to hire a senior game writer, AI programmers, network engineers, 3D character artists, and a lot more. The job listings don’t get into the specifics about what the project will be, but most are assuming that it’ll end up being Horizon Zero Dawn 2, or at the very least, a brand new PlayStation 5 title.

Of course, everyone who played Horizon Zero Dawn knows that the ending of the game heavily suggested that there’s going to be a sequel in the future, and due to the success of the game, it’s extremely likely that Sony and Guerrilla are already in the early stages of developing the next part of Aloy’s story.

It also shouldn’t be ruled out that his title could end up being another Killzone game, and that the Horizon Zero Dawn sequel will come later. It’s also worth noting that Guerrilla is looking to double its staff in order to develop two games for Sony’s next-generation console, one of which could be the Horizon sequel, and the other could end up being another Killzone game.

So far, neither Sony nor Guerrilla have confirmed that another Horizon game is coming anytime soon. Of course, there probably won’t be any announcements regarding next-generation games until the PlayStation 5 is officially announced, and that’ll probably happen later this year. In addition to announcing the PS5, Sony could announce a few games that’ll be available upon its release, with Horizon Zero Dawn 2 being the big headliner.

When it was announced a few years ago, Sony was hoping that Horizon Zero Dawn would become one of their most important and signature exclusives, which is why most assume that the new openings at Guerrilla Games are for HZD 2.

The first Horizon Zero Dawn was generally well-received by players and critics, as it’s been regarded as one of the best open world games of the current generation. So, a second installment in the series will more than likely get a ton of hype prior to its release.