New Class To Excite Players For Trails Of Cold Steel 3 And Its Worldwide Release

New Class To Excite Players For Trails Of Cold Steel 3 And Its Worldwide Release
Credit: Trails of Cold Steel 3 via YouTube

Players get ready! For many, this has been a long time coming, but Trails of Cold Steel 3 will be coming to North America on September 24th, 2019. Not only that but Nihon Falcom, the creators of the Trails series, announced that there will be a new class along with this North American release that is sure to give players a plethora of new moves and battle options within this beloved JRPG.

The game still features all of the mechanics that made fans fall in love with the series, but with the immersive graphics of the PS4, it will breathe brand new life. Players have eagerly anticipated the thought of continuing the story that has left them breathless over the years.

Those that are unfamiliar with the series should be advised that this title is a direct sequel to its predecessor Trails of Cold Steel 2. While this is great news to fans of the series, it does leave those who haven’t played any of the series in a quandary. In fact, the Trails series has numerous detailed series that all span the map of the world. Each series depicts heroes and companions alike from these different regions.

Specifically, in Trails of Cold Steel 3, the story picks up with an old character from the previous game, Rean, becoming the teacher for an entirely different class that will take up the call to protect their world from the nefarious schemes of the Ouroborous organization. Through this, they connect the previous game with an old character and the chance to meet characters from previous entries.

Understandably this can be a daunting prospect that very well might deter players new to the series from grabbing this game off the shelves. One thing that cannot be denied however is the rich plot that accompanies each of these titles. Many players become hooked in the riveting details of the world that interconnects with each of the games. This overarching mythos and lore of the world have become a hallmark of Falcom games that have created their dedicated fanbase.

Those players who are still on the fence about starting in towards the latter end of a series, but all is not lost. After some research, this YouTube video was the most promising to help explain not only who the developers are but also the overarching story as it stands now. With these players can make an informed decision about whether they want to invest in this story or not.