New Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Reveals A Ton Of Major Characters And Story Elements

New Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Reveals A Ton Of Major Characters And Story Elements
Credit: Final Fantasy Via YouTueb

This morning, Square Enix revealed yet another trailer for its upcoming title, Final Fantasy VII Remake. This one was dubbed the “Theme Song Trailer” and it is nearly four minutes of non-stop awesomeness.

There’s a lot to unpack with this trailer, so let’s give it a watch in the player below and then dive in.

The trailer opens with a familiar scene to fans of the original 1997 release. We see Tifa and Cloud in the heart of their childhood years, meeting atop the well in their hometown of Nibelheim. Cloud tells Tifa of his aspirations to become a member of SOLDIER and achieve greatness, like Sephiroth before him.

Then, we cut to a shot of Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith in front of a massive tube containing the body of JENOVA, one of the main plot elements of the original game. Standing between Cloud and JENOVA is none other than Sephiroth. What’s interesting to note here is that previous trailers made it seem as if Sephiroth were only appearing in Cloud’s imagination. However, in this trailer, Tifa and Aerith can very clearly see him.

We also get to see the Honey Bee In, an adult-oriented club where Cloud obtains his female disguise. We get to see Cloud dressed as a woman, recreating one of the most memorable sequences from the first disc of the original game.

There are a plethora of character reveals going on in this trailer, as well. We get our first glimpse of Reeve, the sole conscience of the Shinra company. We also see Scarlett, the head of weapons development, using a Shinra soldier as a footstool. There’s even a quick glimpse of Palmer, the portly head of Shinra’s space division.

The major reveal here, though, is Red XIII. Red is the one main party member from the Midgar portion of the original game that we did not see up until this point. His absence from previous trailers seemed to frighten a lot of longtime fans, who believed he might not be a part of the new game.

We also get our first look at Hojo, the head of Shinra’s science division. Hojo is absolutely crucial to the plot of the game, playing a large role in the JENOVA project that lies at the center of the entire story.

We even got a small taste of JENOVA in action, with clips from a boss fight that appears to take place late in the game. Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith are doing battle with the Calamity From The Skies herself.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released worldwide on the PlayStation 4 console on April 10, 2020.