New Details Emerge For The Mobile Game Mario Kart Tour, Including Course And Character Announcements

New Details Emerge For The Mobile Game Mario Kart Tour, Including Course And Character Announcements
Credit: Nintendo Wire via YouTube

The Super Mario Kart games have a special place amongst the racing genre. They don’t feature realistic graphics or vehicle mechanics, but they’re so fun to play. This is particularly true with friends. These games have revolutionized the kart racing sector over the past few decades.

The most recent title, Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, sold exceptionally well and still is for the Nintendo Switch. Now, Nintendo has its target set on the mobile marketplace. The latest installment in the franchise will be Mario Kart Tour.

It’s being co-developed with DeNA and is set to have microtransactions. This isn’t really that surprising. You can’t use a mobile game and not find them today. Hopefully, Nintendo and DeNA don’t focus strictly on them, however. Instead, it would be nice to see them offer an incredible kart experience on a mobile device. Some other details have emerged concerning this kart racer, including simpler controls.

It appears the developers want to give players a user-friendly experience, considering that touch controls will be involved. That shouldn’t take away from the experience, though. You can expect to still see a lot of your favorite characters and maps. Some have already been confirmed, such as Mario, Toad, Princess Peach, Koopa, and of course, Bowser.

In terms of the levels that will be available on this mobile version, you can expect to see Choco Island 2, Luigi’s Mansion, and the iconic Rainbow Road. Being able to play these courses on a mobile phone or tablet sounds like a dream come true.

As far as how you can unlock various characters, Mario Kart Tour will make use of a slot machine. It dishes out random awards, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to access your favorite characters in this storied franchise.

So far, these details are great to hear save for maybe the slot machine-like design. For so long, fans have wanted to experience these games on their mobile devices. That wait is about to end as Nintendo and DeNA are hard at work. The game is currently in its beta testing stages, so these details are always subject to change based on the feedback that testers provide.

Hopefully, Nintendo and DeNA get it right and focus most on delivering a serviceable mobile kart racer. They have the potential to do some great things with this franchise going forward. Now, we just have to wait and see what magic they work.