NBA 2K21 Gameplay Director Shares Tips For The Game’s New Shot Meter

NBA 2K21 Gameplay Director Shares Tips For The Game’s New Shot Meter
Credit: 2K

Ever since the current-gen demo for NBA 2K21 dropped last month, fans of the series have been expressing their discontent with its new shot meter, which is far more challenging and much more punishing in this year’s title.

While responding to players who have been struggling to adapt to NBA 2K21’s new shot meter, Mike Wang, who is 2K21’s gameplay director, shared a few tips.

“For jumpers, hold RS down to start a shot. While still holding, adjust the aim by moving RS slightly left or right till the tick is centered in the meter. You can also tap LT/L2 or RT/R2 to lock the aim and time the shot for an additional boost.”

For now, there’s no way to change the shot meter back to the 2K20 version, as you only have two options: use the shot meter, or turn it off. If you opt to turn the meter off, then it’ll only appear during free throw attempts. As of right now, it’s unclear if 2K will add a patch that lets players use the old shot meter, or if they’ll wait to make that change until they release the next-gen version, which should be coming sometime later this year, likely around Christmas.

Speaking of the next-gen version, it will, for the first time in the series, allow users to create a female player. As of this writing, it’s unclear whether or not players will be able to use their female character to embark on a WNBA career, or if they’ll only be able to use them in the neighborhood.

The WNBA was added to the 2K franchise in last year’s game, but its options were limited, as players could only take control of a WNBA team for a single season mode. But, according to Erick Boenisch, the game’s executive producer, there will be “some new features and evolutions for the WNBA” in the next-gen version of 2K21, which could mean that players will be allowed to use the female basketball league in the MyGM mode.

On Friday, 2K launched the current-gen version of their annual NBA game, and as of this writing, the reviews have been mixed, as some are enjoying the game, while others are criticizing it for being a copy and paste of last year’s game, with the only difference being a new, more complicated shot meter.

NBA 2K21 is available now for current-gen consoles and PC, with the next-gen version coming later this year.