Nautolan Character Creation As Dynamic As Others In Star Wars The Old Republic

Nautolan Character Creation As Dynamic As Others In Star Wars The Old Republic
Credit: swtorista

In the 6.0 update on October 22nd, Star Wars the Old Republic introduced the third extra species into the game, the Nautolans. Non-Star Wars fans will recognize this species as Kit Fisto from the Prequel trilogy, the Jedi Master who confronted Emperor Palpatine and was the third to fall.  But these Nautolans are much more colorful and have much more options to their appearance than a movie has a budget for.

First off, the in game Nautolans can come in either male or female, something not seen in the movies. Character creation also allows for four body types per gender, which modify height, weight and and shape of the face.  The game offers seventy two head options across all four body types, eleven options for scars,  eleven options for complexion, six eye colors, nine options for jewelry, ten skin color options and seventy three options for patterns and pattern colors.

That means there are 1536 options for character creation spread across both gender option. Players can create as varied and distinct characters as even the humans, the most dynamic of the classes for character creation. And human who offer a wide assortment of hair, make up and tattoos, depending on the class chosen, so Nautolan players will definitely get a large assortment of potential options.

Taking a moment to focus on the individual areas, most of the Nautolan customization options come from the head part and the pattern part. The head part shifts the tentacles coming off their heads and moves them around to function as hairstyles. And using an assortment of bands, the tentacles can be pulled back, held up, pushed forward and fall naturally as any hairstyle can be.

The patterns function much like the Twi’lek and Togruta patterns; they give dots and lines in an assortment of colors, though they look less like tattoos that the Twi’leks have. The Nautolan patters aren’t just limited to the tentacles, however. They spread all around the face.

Nautolans don’t have as dynamic skin colors as the Twi’leks do, but that’s not unexpected, given how diverse skin colors are for Twi’leks in the greater media. Nautolans are limited to an assortment of blue, yellow, green and nearly gray, with different shades of these colors.

The last, but most unique, aspect of the Nautolan character creation is the jewelry.  Much like the Pureblood Sith, Nautolans have an assortment of crown like adornments, but Nautolans are the only species that grants eye patches. This is unique, because the only way to get eye patches on other species is to use a head piece.

Nautolans definitely add a great deal of customization to SWTOR, and fans have been wanting them for several years. And with the addition of the last species fans have wanted since launch, players will need to get together and figure out what other species could bring something unique to the game.