Naughty Dog’s Plans For The Last Of Us Part II’s Multiplayer Are Apparently ‘Extremely Ambitious’

Naughty Dog’s Plans For The Last Of Us Part II’s Multiplayer Are Apparently ‘Extremely Ambitious’
Credit: Naughty Dog via YouTube

Shortly after announcing the release date for The Last of Us Part II — February 21 — developer Naughty Dog released a statement regarding the game’s multiplayer. In short, they revealed that the game won’t ship with a multiplayer mode attached. However, they did confirm that there’s something in the works, which will be revealed at a later date.

While the first game is remembered for its single-player story, it did feature a pretty good multiplayer mode called Factions. But, because the expectations for The Last of Us Part II’s single-player journey are so high, Naughty Dog decided to devote all of their resources to the game’s story. But, according to the first game’s co-creator, their multiplayer plans are also extremely ambitious.

Bruce Straley, who is the aforementioned co-creator of The Last of Us, said that he knows what Naughty Dog’s plans are for The Last of Us Part II’s multiplayer mode while adding that the developer’s current plans for the mode are “extremely ambitious.”

“I know the team very well and I trust them thoroughly! I also know what they’re working on and I can attest that single-player and multiplayer are both extremely ambitious,” said Straley. “I guarantee you‘re gonna be stoked to get your hands on both modes. But you gotta let (Naughty Dog) do their thing. Have faith. You’re in good hands! Your time will come!”

Naughty Dog hasn’t even hinted what their multiplayer plans are for The Last of Us Part II, nor have they given out a release date. Also, it’s unclear if the mode will be a free add-on, or if it’ll be a standalone mode that needs to be purchased, which is what Rockstar did with Red Dead Redemption 2.

While the rumor didn’t end up being true, the word going around before the recent behind closed doors press event was that Naughty Dog was going to release a multiplayer beta for The Last of Us Part II. But, even though the reports didn’t prove to be true, the developers could release an MP beta at some point next year before they release the full version of the mode.

But, at least Sony and Naughty Dog are telling everyone exactly what they’re getting when they receive The Last of Us Part II on February 21, but the big question now is: when will the developers reveal more about what TLOU II’s Factions mode will look like? Hopefully soon!