Naughty Dog Confirms That New Footage From The Last Of Us Part II Will Be Shown On Thursday

Naughty Dog Confirms That New Footage From The Last Of Us Part II Will Be Shown On Thursday
Credit: Sony

Even though Naughty Dog revealed quite a bit about The Last of Us Part II, including the release date, during Tuesday’s State of Play live stream, they’re still planning on showing a bit more about the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive later this week.

In addition to including The Last of Us Part II in the State of Play stream, Naughty Dog also held a media event for the game, in which select journalists got a hands-on experience with the sequel, as they got to play through two new levels from TLOU 2. Of course, the event was held behind closed doors.

But, Naughty Dog has confirmed that they will release some footage from the event, including a bit of footage from the two new levels, on Thursday, September 26 at 8 AM Pacific, 11 AM Eastern. In addition to seeing the new footage, we’ll also get to hear from the journalists who were able to play the game during the event.

Before the media event on Tuesday, it was rumored that the journalists who’d be attending would get to experience three hours of gameplay. As previously mentioned, Naughty Dog did confirm that they’d allow the attendees at the private media event to experience two new levels from The Last of Us Part II, and even though they didn’t reveal the length of time it’d take to play through them, it’s pretty safe to assume that the two new levels featured roughly three new hours of gameplay.

Even though we’ll see new footage from The Last of Us Part II on Thursday morning, it’ll probably be a limited amount. Instead, we’ll probably see more footage of the journalists talking about their game all while steering clear of giving out spoilers.

After Thursday, it’s unclear what, or how much we’ll see of The Last of Us Part II before it’s released for the PlayStation 4 on February 21, 2020. Some would argue, and rightfully so, that Sony doesn’t need to show any more footage of the game, as they’ve already revealed Joel and the game’s release date, which are the two things that people have been dying to see.

It was recently rumored that Sony would announce a multiplayer beta for The Last of Us Part II, and as of this writing, no one has heard anything about the rumor. But, the devs did release a multiplayer beta for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End before it was released in 2016, so they may do the same for TLOU 2.