Mythic Dungeon International Grand Finals Results – Method EU Wins Championship At Blizzcon 2019

Mythic Dungeon International Grand Finals Results – Method EU Wins Championship At Blizzcon 2019
Credit: Warcraft Twitch

A championship team was crowned at the Mythic Dungeon International Grand Finals during Blizzcon 2019.

UK-based Method EU is heading back over the pond with a huge check and championship trophies.

Method EU won the Grand Finals with a 9 – 0 showing at the series’ final event.

Six teams competed in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. The teams are made up of five gamers, all playing a particular class of character along with specific skills. These teams play through mythic dungeons, and the team that gets through the dungeon, wins the match.

In the finals, Method EU got their revenge over sister team Method NA, sweeping them 3 – 0. Method NA defeated Method EU at the Spring Finals earlier in the year, but Method EU ends up getting the last laugh and the bragging rights.

Here is a tweet from the official Method esports twitter account showing support for both their teams.

Here is how the 330,000 USD Grand Final prize pool was allocated.

First place: Method EU – $140,250
Second place: Method NA – $74,250
Third place: Abrakeydabra – $49,500
Fourth place: Buff War – $33,00
Fifth/Sixth place: Games Revolted $16,500
Fifth/Sixth place: Team D – $16,500

There has been controversy behind the amount of money in the prize pool. The prize pool was crowdfunded by the World of Warcraft community, click this link to read about the conflict.

How does the Mythic Dungeon International series work?

Mythic Dungeon International is a global series that brings together the best mythic dungeon teams from around the globe.

Each team has one goal in mind, get through the dungeon as fast as possible. It’s a head to head race, and the roster that finishes the quickest wins the match.

Teams are split up into two different Global Divisions, the East and the West. Teams compete against other teams within their Global Division during two seasons throughout the year. The seasons are Spring and Summer, and each division has 3 MDI Cups per season.

Ultimately, six teams make it to the final event of the year, the Global Finals.

The rosters that qualified for the Grand Finals are the two top point earners from each Global Division, as well as the first and second placing teams from Spring and Summer Finals.

The top teams face off and ultimately determine the Mythic Dungeon International champion.

This is the first time a Mythic Dungeon International champion has been crowned at a Blizzcon, as this was the first time a Grand Finals was hosted at the gaming convention.