Mortal Kombat Mobile Update 2.4.1 Introduces The Elder God Kenshi Tower And Extends Triborg Sub Zero

Mortal Kombat Mobile Update 2.4.1 Introduces The Elder God Kenshi Tower And Extends Triborg Sub Zero
Credit: Astrion

Thanks to some issues with the Elder Tier of the Triborg Sub Zero tower, Mortal Kombat Mobile extended the tower for an additional week. Additionally, they added the opportunity to get, and level up, rare character Elder God Kenshi.

During the previous week, the Triborg Sub Zero challenge tower had a great deal of trouble. Players claimed that the Elder Tier of the tower were not updating, not giving rewards and all kinds of other issues.  With this knowledge, the Netherrealm Studios dropped patch 2.4.1 to fix it.

However, there was trouble with getting patch 2.4.1 onto the Google Play store. While the Apple store updates just fine, it took an additional five hours for Netherrealm to get the update onto the Google Play store.

However, update 2.4.1 didn’t just fix issues with Triborg. They also brought in a mobile version exclusive, Elder God Kenshi.  Elder God Kenshi is based on long-time fan-favorite blind swordsman, Kenshi.

Kenshi was introduced in Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance back in 2002 and is one of few 3D era characters that’s been treated well by Netherrealm Studios. Kenshi was brought into Mortal Kombat 9 as a DLC character and was a member of the Mortal Kombat X cast as a fully playable character that was integrated into the story.

And it is the Mortal Kombat X version that all versions of Kenshi in Mortal Kombat Mobile are based on. All versions of Kenshi are based around Kenshi’s skins and variations, except for the Elder God version.

Elder God Kenshi is a non-canon version of Kenshi who rose to Elder God status, as Raiden did after the events of Mortal Kombat 4.  Unlike his other versions, this Kenshi isn’t blindfolded and has glowing blue eyes, much like Raiden, Fujin, Shinnok, Cetrion and Fire God Liu Kang do, which is an in an indication of their divine status.

Elder God Kenshi keeps the telekinetic push that’s part of Kenshi’s move set, and his X-ray is also Tele-strike just as his other versions have. However, his level 2 special, Spiritual Fury, adds a curse status effect to opponents.

As with all other weekly challenge towers, Elder God Kenshi will be recycled on the following Thursday, so players who want to get or upgrade Elder God Kenshi will want to get through all three of the Challenge Tower tiers.  Players will need to hurry if they want to get through all three towers within the time limit.