Monster Games’ Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition Features A Reworked Lip-Syncing, Says Rob From Nintendo Treehouse

Monster Games’ Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition Features A Reworked Lip-Syncing, Says Rob From Nintendo Treehouse
Credit: RogersBase via YouTube

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition has plans for featuring a ton of updates/improvements over the original Wii release alongside some lip-syncing.

Rob from Nintendo House had a brief podcast discussion with RogerBase while playing the game. In the video, Rob confirmed that the game has a lot of lip-syncing reworked in the new remake.

Also, the future connected epilogue’s footage did showcase a more advanced lip-syncing when compared to the original game, as expected. Still, it’s a sure sign of progress knowing that the main game got a similar treatment.

According to Dave, Xenoblade Chronicles, Definitive Edition is making the grounds to become an excellent remaster, as highlighted in the following:

“The reality is that XC: DE is not only the best looking edition of the original game, but the best to play through, and the most engaging. All the small changes add up to a whole that overhauls what could, at times, be a plodding game to play, messy menus, and too much to keep track of for anyone that decides to go out and go out clear through side quests. While it certainly doesn’t look like a modern game made in 2020 from every angle, it’s undeniably beautiful in its best moments, and still makes for an incredible story to experience all these years later.”

Asides its visual improvements, Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition comes with brand new content in a format similar to the form of already announced Future Connected episode, mainly set a year after the events of the main gameplay. And also several modes like Time Attack and others.

“The original Xenoblade Chronicles game, which marked the debut of fan-favorite character Shulk, comes to Nintendo Switch with a new epilogue story, Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected. This definitive edition of the RPG also looks better and plays smoother than ever before. The battle HUD and menu screens are easy to read and easy to use. Some of the music tracks have been remastered or remixed!”

For those who haven’t tried playing the Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, the story’s bottom line focuses on two giants locked in a continuous battle. Speaking of giants, this isn’t some 12-foot nor otherwise.

The Mechonis and Bionis are quite big that they support entire civilizations and ecosystems, this same civilization that is continually at war with each other. Both humans and machines are locked in a particular style of combat alongside the Monado sword that is looked upon as humans’ only hope for salvation.

However, things change, which sets the stage for the gameplay. That’s all we can say about the game for now.

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is launching pretty soon. Precisely on May 29th globally and only exclusive to Nintendo Switch.