MLB The Show 20 Releases March 2020 According To Recent Announcement Trailer

MLB The Show 20 Releases March 2020 According To Recent Announcement Trailer
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

In terms of baseball simulators, one of the best franchises out right now is MLB The Show. This series has a long history of making incredible baseball games that fans have really gotten behind over the years. Their last title — MLB The Show 19 — was a true gem. It had a lot of great features and modes that gave fans a lot of content to enjoy. If you like baseball and video games, purchasing the series every year is a no-brainer.

Now, the developers at SIE San Diego Studio are hard at work on MLB The Show 20, which they just revealed who’s going to be on the cover. That player is none other than Javier Baez, an amazing shortstop and second basemen for the Chicago Cubs. He’s had an amazing year so it’s only right that he gets the chance to grace the cover and build up his brand even more.

In addition to this cover announcement, the developers also released an announcement trailer that teases this game and even more importantly, provides a release date. That is March 2020. So if you’re a fan of this series and plan on adding this latest installment to your collection, that’s a date worth marking on your calendar.

Going back to the trailer, it features the man Javier Baez himself taking shots for the cover. It then transitions to an old-school TV, featuring some of Baez’s amazing plays throughout the year. He’s super athletic and is shown putting his body on the line to make incredible plays time and time again.

We then see what this honor means to Baez. Needless to say, he’s pretty excited. It’s an amazing achievement that not many baseball players today get to enjoy.

That’s pretty much all of the details we have on this upcoming installment right now. You can bet the developers are looking to take the series in a fresh direction. It will be interesting to see what new modes they decide to put in this game. MLB The Show 19 was amazing in that it included a classic moments mode, where you can re-live some of baseball’s greatest moments. It would be nice to see a similar mode or an extension of this added to MLB The Show 20.

If you want to lock in your place of getting this amazing game, pre-orders are now available. There are different editions available as well, including the MVP, Digital Deluxe, and 15th Anniversary Edition.