Mixed Reactions From Fans As Fortnite Implements Bots Within The Matchmaking System, Fairer Games Might Mean More Bot Matches

Mixed Reactions From Fans As Fortnite Implements Bots Within The Matchmaking System, Fairer Games Might Mean More Bot Matches
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

The news has been buzzing with information about the launch of Fornite Chapter 2. After a big finale bringing Chapter 1 to a close, everyone’s eyes have been focused on the massive battle royale. This new chapter brings changes that are both good and bad that fans are quickly discovering. The most recent rumor circulating is the possibility of bots within every match.

Fans all over the internet are claiming that they are being placed in bot lobbies. There seems to be an absence of skilled enemies and an easier overall experience than in previous matches. Two main points stand out to fans about this possibility. First, there did not seem to be any wait in the matchmaking system, and second players remembered Epic noting that bot would be pervasive in the lower levels of play.

The main idea that many are following is that Fortnite will be implementing bots at a larger scale to try and balance the game. More experienced players will find themselves going against equally skilled adversaries where the more casual players will be in low tier lobbies. This helps balance matches and create a much more fulfilling experience, but not everyone is excited about the change.

Players that are racking up eliminations and victories are starting to doubt if they truly deserve the win. Part of the main attraction in a battle royale style game is the map full of live players. Although the battle is tough, it is a fulfilling experience if you can truly rise among your peers and take the gold.

The introduction of bots is making many players feel that their skill is being inflated. The main point of winning is to show off your skill, be the best in the match. By adding these bots, players can not tell if they are winning because they are good or because the bots are simply bad.

The bots are not flagged as what they are. They seem to have usernames that are believable, wear fancy skins and cosmetics, and seem to act like a human might. In the middle of a firefight, bots appear to act like real users, and it becomes almost impossible to tell the difference.

Online players are starting to share methods to determine if you are playing against bots or real people. In one example, a player shared a screenshot of a name that shows a player ID with the word INVALID labeled after it. This takes the place of where a real account ID would show.

Bots or no bots players are flooding the servers, and many are coming back simply for the chance at a victory. While the addition of bots may bring competitive players down, it does open the door for a chance that a casual gamer might take the win every few matches. This increases replayability and lengthens the reign of Fortnite as the most active battle royale.