Minecraft Guide: Need A Lot Of Nether Stars? Then A Wither Skeleton Mob Grinder Might Be The Right Build For Your World!

Minecraft Guide: Need A Lot Of Nether Stars? Then A Wither Skeleton Mob Grinder Might Be The Right Build For Your World!
Credit: Mojang Studios

Many people want the boosts that a Minecraft Beacon can offer them, a Minecraft beacon requires a Nether Star to activate. The only way to get this elusive item is to kill the mini-boss, the Wither. When players need a large number of mob droppings, the players create a mob grinder which allows for easy collection of these droppings.

The main issue is that Minecraft’s Wither Skeletons not only spawn in the Nether dimension but also these mobs only spawn in specific locations in that Nether dimension.

Minecraft players to create a Wither Skeleton Grinder, players will need to create a spawning pad inside a Nether fortress, while removing any other mob spawning tools, like the blaze spawners that are located all around the Nether fortress.

The mob grinders are a bit different when compared to other, more common, mob grinders. This mob grinder requires a variable size, due to the player deciding how much of the Nether Fortress they want to destroy to create this mob grinder.

The main idea behind this mob grinder is that location as important as the overall size of the grinder itself. The floor of this mob grinder is usually built out of cobblestone, this is due to the properties that the cobblestone.

Cobblestone is fireball resistance and the ease of getting this item makes it an ideal choice. In addition to that, the players can have a sticky piston push the stuck Wither Skeleton.

To build this mob collector follow these simple step. Place pressure plates on the top of the line and Redstone torches on one side of the line.

Place a line of cobblestone on top of the Redstone torches and then place another line of Redstone torches on the outward side of that line.

Place the third line of cobblestone on top of the second line and then place a line of sticky pistons that will push those above the first line of cobblestone. Place half slabs on top of the third line of cobblestone to prevent wither skeletons from spawning on top of the collectors instead of inside them.

Then the players will need to build a bucket shape of cobblestone to easily allow the mobs to fall to the correct point so they can be easily killed and the players can start collecting Wither Skeleton skulls.