Minecraft Dungeons Receives A 2 GB Update: On Xbox And Switch To Fix Multiplayer Issues!

Minecraft Dungeons Receives A 2 GB Update: On Xbox And Switch To Fix Multiplayer Issues!
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft Dungeons popularity has soared, so much so that it overtook Animal Crossing as the #1 game in the Nintendo Switch app store, this popularity was while the game still had many issues and bugs. These bugs included everything from bosses not spawning to the game randomly crashing under normal gameplay.

To solve this, Mojang Studios released a 2 GB patch for the game. This patch is aimed to not only fix the boss spawning issue but also to address the issue that some players might get an infinite loading screen when accepting a game invite.

The 2 GB patch is currently for the Xbox version of the game, while the Switch version did also receive a patch. The size of the Switch patch was significantly smaller when compared the Xbox version.

For the Xbox version of Minecraft Dungeons, this patch focuses on online multiplayer issues that have been appearing throughout the game.

These bugs include a bug where some players got stuck on an infinite loading screen when they accepted a game invite while the title was suspended from online gameplay.

Another multiplayer issue that plagued the Xbox version was the fact that players could game could crash randomly during online play. This caused players intense frustration as when they finally got into the game with their friends, and sometimes the game would just crash.

This patch for Minecraft Dungeons (The Xbox Version) also offered various stability improvements. It fixed an issue where the Corrupted Cauldron boss wouldn’t spawn in the Soggy Swamp mission if the match were in Multiplayer.

The Nintendo Switch version patch for Minecraft Dungeons has just two fixes implemented, and the first fix is that the game now has the correct naming across all of the supported languages.

Minecraft Dungeons features a total of fourteen languages, with six of those languages not featuring full audio support.

The other fix that was implemented in this patch is Data Collection has been improved to help identify game crashes. The improved Data Collection now allows Mojang Studios to collect better information regarding game crashes.

Sadly, no information regarding when a patch for the PC or the Playstation version will be released. If players are experiencing any bugs, then they should report them at bugs.mojang.com.

This will bring the bugs to the attention of the developers so developers can patch them.