Microsoft Dips Hands In to Detachable Controllers; Switch-Style Accessory To Revolutionize Mobile Gaming?

Microsoft Dips Hands In to Detachable Controllers; Switch-Style Accessory To Revolutionize Mobile Gaming?
Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft is planning to develop detachable controllers that can be attached easily to any mobile device.

Although Microsoft submitted the blueprints in 2017, the US Patent and Trademark Office only made it public on July 9. The blueprint was first seen by Windows Latest.

But the patent itself was for a charging device for removable input, which analysts infer as referring to detachable controllers.

Accordingly, the detachable controllers–much like the Nintendo Switch–can be affixed to any device. You can attach it to your smartphone, tablet, and mobile game consoles. It’s not clear for now if the device is also compatible with the iPhone or the iPad.

Detachable controllers are not really new, and Nintendo Switch popularized it with the Joy-Con. However, based on the Microsoft patent, the controllers attach themselves to the sides of the display. That means they don’t really obstruct your view when playing games.

By the early designs, it looks like the Switch-like controllers fit snugly to any mobile device and not stick out like a sore thumb.

The controllers can connect to your device possibly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

They are fully rechargeable, which is what the patent was all about anyway, using a type of dock. Once fully charged, you can use them again on your smartphone or let them borrow to your friends on their own screen.

What that means is the diversity of options. You can now play your favorite games using these controllers and not be limited to Nintendo Switch titles.

This seems to be part of Microsoft’s strategy to promote its XCloud service.

The Microsoft XCloud is a streaming service that will allow you to play games on the Cloud. The service is much like Google Stadia, which allows you to play any game you want on any screen you have.

The concept of the Microsoft XCloud service is on-the-go gaming. For instance, you’ve been playing on the Xbox at home but have to go out. Connect to your account and resume your game on another device while you are out of the house.

The Microsoft patent suggests that development is still in the works. This means that the detachable controllers might not be released in time for XCloud. The streaming service is scheduled to be launched in October this year. Nevertheless, these are the perfect accompaniment to optimize what the XCloud offers fully.