Magic: The Gathering Arena Starts European League On Nov. 10 With 4 Countries, Sans Portugal, Spain

Magic: The Gathering Arena Starts European League On Nov. 10 With 4 Countries, Sans Portugal, Spain
Credit: Magic: The Gathering via YouTube

Free-to-Play video game Magic: The Gathering Arena finally started the European leg of its competitive league. The new battle only features four countries, which prodded players from other nations to cry for their inclusion.

The Wizards of the Coast has picked the Nordic countries Italy as the participants of the current set. Specifically, these include France, England, and Germany.

The league is adopting the usual format, wherein each of the participating countries will hold their respective qualifying rounds. The battles will happen every Sunday and will last for five weeks.

Based on the league mechanics of Magic: The Gathering Arena, each player must gather enough points. Players have to note that every win earns them three points.

At the end of the qualifying rounds, the finalists will be chosen according to the points they gathered. The top eight highest scores will be picked to move on to the finals. The final game will have live streaming and can be seen on the Twitch channel of FACEIT, the developer鈥檚 partner.

Many fans we’re glad about the start of the EU league. However, some have expressed their desire to be included as well. Players from Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Austria have called on the organizers to consider them.

A number of gamers commented on the announcement of FACEIT on Twitter. These Magic: The Gathering Arena fans have emphasized their interest in being part of it. According to them, they could have been considered for the qualifiers. Nevertheless, they have never received a response.

The league right now could be the beginning. Thus, fans may expect more legs for qualifying games in the coming days. It is worth noting that PG Esports is establishing ties with local partners. This is apart from its partnership with the Wizards of the Coast.

To know the registration dates and details for the other schedules, links have been provided in the said tweet.

It can be recalled that the original game, Magic: The Gathering, was the inspiration of the digital version. The trading card game was made available in 1993 and was able to record multi-million players since then.

The digital game of collectible cards was launched for Microsoft Windows in September this year. Meanwhile, the macOS version is anticipated for release by 2020.

Keep posted for more Magic: The Gathering Arena news and updates, especially the features which have been reported in the past.