Luigi’s Mansion 3 Is Now Out On The Nintendo Switch; Walmart Is Offering A $10 Discount

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Is Now Out On The Nintendo Switch; Walmart Is Offering A $10 Discount
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

October 31 is a reason to celebrate for many reasons. For Nintendo Switch users — though — it’s the release of Luigi’s Mansion 3. It is finally out, which means it’s time to strap on the Poltergust G-00 and get ready for some ghost-busting action.

Every installment in this series has so much charm to it. Next Level Games knows its audience and always goes above and beyond to satisfy their needs. If you’ve ever played a Luigi’s Mansion game before, you know the type of fun experiences the series offers.

If you plan on picking up a physical copy of this game, you have a lot of options. Right now, you can visit your local Walmart and get $10 off on this incredible action-adventure game. That’s much better than having to pay the full price of $59.99.

At this price point, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a must-play title for the Switch. Based on current reviews, this is probably the best installment to date. It packs a punch in the charm department. Seeing Luigi and his brother Mario interact throughout the game’s run time is a true treat. You add the usual suspects and Professor E. Gadd — who’s responsible for Luigi’s latest Poltergust — into the mix and you have some incredible sequences to look forward to.

Already, this is one of the best games on the Switch platform and it just came out today (October 31). There are 17 amazingly detailed floors you’ll get to explore in the haunted hotel. Luigi and his friends have been lured here by King Boo, and it will be up to you to rescue them from disaster.

Traversing through each floor is an amazing experience, which can be attributed to their exclusive themes. The added variety keeps your attention from start to finish.

What’s amazing to see in this third installment is the added freedom you have. You can explore the ghostly hotel at your own pace; it’s a good change of pace compared to the last game that pretty much directed you where to go the entire time.

In addition to exploring the beautiful floors, you’ll enjoy the variety of ghosts and bosses. There’s just something so special about using the Poltergust as it has a lot of functions. For example, you can use an area burst attack to keep a couple of enemies back at a time. There’s also a slam attack that comes in handy for one-on-one battles.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 hits all of the right notes and is the game to play right now on this special holiday.