LPL – Top Esports Earned Their World Championship Spot After A Dominant Win Against Suning

LPL – Top Esports Earned Their World Championship Spot After A Dominant Win Against Suning
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

Top Esports took down Suning in a convincing 3-0 series in the LPL Summer Split playoffs . With this win, they advanced to the finals and secured a League of Legends World Championship spot for the first time in the organization’s history.

All players of TES were on point with three players picking up the Player of the Game awards. Top laner Bai “369” Jia-Hao picked up the first title after his domination on Jax. Jungler Hung “Karsa” Hao-Hsuan picked up the second after a dominating Graves performance, completely nullifying the opposing jungler, while world champion JackeyLove picked up the third award after a clean Ashe performance, landing crucial ultimate throughout the entire game.

The series began with a dominant win by TES. Suning tried to withstand all the pressure from TES in the first game, but the dominant top laner 369 was everywhere on Jax, splitpushing, taking away jungle camps, and securing objectives in the blink of an eye. TES maintained a huge lead over the game, finishing with a 13,000 gold lead after a one-sided 27-minute game.

After the absolute domination in the first game, Suning picked up steam and had a much better early game in the second match. They kept punishing all plays from TES and maintained a 3,000 gold lead over the game. But after TES picked up the Dragon Soul and Baron to nullify that gold lead, they managed to finish the game following some close teamfights.

This championship appearance is huge for the Chinese organization. Top Esports demonstrated their prowess with a win in the Mid-Season Cup in May, but they will now have the chance to prove their worth at Worlds this year. If they maintain their current performance, then there’s a probability that they’ll be the next team to 3-0 an EU team in the World Finals. While their Worlds spot is secured, they still need to sweat to win the LPL Summer Playoffs.

TES will face the winner of the match between JD Gaming or LGD Gaming, which will happen tomorrow. TES were denied a Spring Split championship title by JDG and we might see a rematch of these two super teams soon enough. Regardless of who will come out victorious in this battle for the finals, the World Championship will look hot. Both these teams will be true contender for the World Championship. TES also has the recently won Mid-Season Cup under their belt which should increase their chances of winning the Championship.