Leaked Code In Sword And Shield Shows Removed Pokemon Still Exist–Just Not In The Game

Leaked Code In Sword And Shield Shows Removed Pokemon Still Exist–Just Not In The Game
Credit: Gamefreak via YouTube

#GameFreakLied is a hashtag that gained a lot of traction fairly quickly. Starting up from November 12, 2019, it first appeared via a redditor showing leaked datamines of Pokemon wireframes that were nearly identical to how they were in the past generation of Pokemon Sun and Moon. The reason this is important is because GameFreak claimed to have cut so many Pokemon from Sword and Shield to better focus on animations that they were “starting from scratch.”

Due to the leak, we’ve found this isn’t the case. Animations on models of Pokemon, as stated above, were near identical, but some character models were carried over directly from Sun and Moon as well, most notably between Hau and Hop.

Fans aplenty have been hard at work looking over the game’s code with a fine-toothed comb, and to say opinions are divisive would be an understatement. But the latest bit of news coming out is sure to turn heads.

When it was revealed that not only were Pokemon being cut, but moves as well, people went out to find more and more information, leading to a rather shocking reveal. While the Pokemon and moves no longer exist within the game, their code certainly does. This even includes the coveted Mega Stones, especially jarring since the Mega Evolution mechanic was announced as one of the first things to not be making a return in Sword and Shield.

Needless to say, fans aren’t happy. Again. The removal of the National Dex has been repeatedly touted by fans of the series, casual and hardcore alike, as the worst move made in the franchise’s history. And GameFreak’s repeated reasoning for the implementation has been met time and again with backlash and outcry from fans at best, and postings of the game’s inner workings and all the double-talk and lies GameFreak gave at worst.

The irrefutable proof of Sword and Shield still having the absentee Pokemon, moves, items, etc. within the code, just not existing within the game, raises even further questions, and casts a greater spotlight on GameFreak’s policies and motives. With Sword and Shield having been out for only three days, the number of people trying to find out what’s going on is ever-increasing.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is currently out exclusively for Nintendo Switch.