League Of Legends Introduces New Champion To Runeterra, The Assassin Aphelios, And His Twin Sister Alune

League Of Legends Introduces New Champion To Runeterra, The Assassin Aphelios, And His Twin Sister Alune
Credit: Hanjaro via YouTube

Without fanfare, Riot introduced the 147th champion to the League of Legends, and his name is Aphelios. For now, nobody knows about the abilities of the marksman assassin.

But the champion has a full backstory. According to the description, Aphelios was born during a rare lunar spectacle. The convergence occurs when the moon on the sky is swallowed by its reflection in the spiritual plane. But Aphelios also has a twin sister, Alune, and the siblings were heralded as “children of destiny” by their people.

However, growing up was not easy. The twins belong to a tribe called Lunari, which are considered as heretics by the Solari. The tribe had to go into hiding for a long time that people forgot that they even existed. They thrived in the shadows, living in subterranean chambers and temples.

But Aphelios and Alune are both born with the gift. Aphelios gets his power from the physical moon. Meanwhile, Alune gets hers from spiritual reflection. They were raised with a deep love of knowledge, their faith, and the darkness.

As he grows up, Aphelios is taking more responsibility as a warrior and marksman. But Alune is training to enhance her skills as a seer. She is always in touch with the spiritual realm. But more than ever, she needs to rely on those skills to survive. After all, time will come when she will also leave the safety of their tribe in order to protect it.

After Alune leaves, the faith of Aphelios wavered. He has to find a way to discover his purpose.

Meanwhile, the Solari has found where the Lunaris are hiding. It sends an army to wipe the heretics once and for all. Aphelios almost dies, and his moonstone blade shatters. Fortunately, Alunes arrives just in time and lends her magic to her twin brother.

His moonstone blade is reforged, even deadlier than before. With their powers combined, the invading Solari army never had a chance.

Just two weeks ago, Riot introduced Senna as part of the LoL patch 9.22. Senna, “The Redeemer,” has been cursed at birth, and her mission is to find a way to lift that curse. She is known as a support marksman, the first one for League of Legends.

Whatever Aphelios’ Weapon of the Faithful will be, it is clear that Alune is an integral part of his powers. Will the twins, remain in hiding, or would they take the fight to the Solari? That is the answer that League of Legends fans will have to discover for themselves.