Heist Of The Handsome Jackpot Is Borderlands 3’s First Expansion That Will Be Available In December

Heist Of The Handsome Jackpot Is Borderlands 3’s First Expansion That Will Be Available In December
Credit: Borderlands via YouTube

Borderlands 3 is Gearbox Software’s latest looter-shooter. The gaming community has received it well thus far. The story is good, the vault hunters have never been better, and there are just so many weapons to collect. And now, the game is about to get its first ever expansion.

It’s being called Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot. It was only right that Handsome Jack would appear in Borderlands 3 in some fashion. He’s one of the most iconic villains in video game history, and now, you’ll have the chance to raid his gambling establishment for an epic payday.

A trailer was just put out for this expansion, which shows some of the looting and threats you’ll come in contact with. The trailer also goes into the background of the casino. Apparently, Handsome Jack stole Moxxi’s plans to create this elaborate and flashy casino. As you can imagine, she wants revenge.

What better way to get it than to hire some vault hunters to take back everything he stole? Handsome Jack may be long gone, but at least Moxxi can still get even for Jack’s transgressions when he was alive. Looking at the casino, it looks like something Handsome Jack would get behind. There are neon lights everywhere. Gearbox Software knew exactly what direction to go in for the visuals. Right away, they give this loot quest a lot of character. You want to get the action going even without receiving mission details.

Now, this heist will not be a walk in the park. There are a bevvy of enemies you’ll have to blast your way through — including robots and other baddies. Taking a solo approach seems pretty difficult, but not impossible. However, if you want to improve your odds of having a successful score, teaming up with a group seems like the way to go.

It will take quick-thinking and a lot of firepower to come away with worthy prizes. There aren’t any details as far as the loot you’ll be able to earn, but you can bet they’ll be worth your time. It’s Handsome Jack’s collection, after all. There has to be some noteworthy items that may be just what you need to gain an edge in combat.

Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot goes live on December 19. You’ll need to have unlocked Sanctuary 3 and be finished with the prologue to have access to this first DLC pack. It’s a sign of great things to come in Borderlands 3.