Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders Now Available On Steam In HD

Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders Now Available On Steam In HD
Credit: Kingdom Under Fire via Steam

The medieval action-RTS game Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders, developed by Phantagram, was initially released on the original Xbox in 2004. Fifteen years after the original game was released, the game has made its way to PC players on Steam.

The PC version also supports multiple PC functions to breathe new life into the older title.

The Steam store summary states, “The cult heavy metal fantasy action-strategy gem comes to PC in HD. Lead your armies from the front lines, giving strategic orders to your forces while wading into hack n’ slash action battle. Crush your foes across four campaigns, and spend the spoils of war on upgrading your forces.”

The game has been enhanced for modern PCs. The updates include full controller support plus an all-new mouse and keyboard mode. The developer recommends using a gamepad for the optimal gameplay experience, widescreen HD graphics, plus the return of the guitar soundtrack.

The game was updated shortly after its Steam release. The updates include fixing game crashes that occurred when using “Heal” of a sub-commander, sound problems, and some issues a few players were experiencing when launching the game.

Players can play through the way through four unique perspectives, from two human nations to two Dark Legion nations. Players can build armies with more than 100 warriors, assign their toles, and level up their characters and weapons to ensure victory in battle.

The game contains some gameplay elements from the musou series Dynasty Warriors, including a guitar soundtrack. Players also have to control units of troops, which they control separately.

Only the game is available on Steam, and there is no additional DLC or extra content to purchase. The current price is around $20.

The release of Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders on Steam came as a surprise to many. While sequels were released, there wasn’t are-release of the older title. Now, players can experience an upgraded version of Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders in widescreen with HD resolutions.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 was previously released on Steam in November 2019. KUF2 is more of an MMORPG action-strategy game compared to The Crusaders. The game continues to be updated with occasional deals on in-game purchases and special events.

Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders is available now on PC via Steam.