Keanu Reeves Will Appear A Lot In Cyberpunk 2077 As Johnny Silverhand; Credits His Large Presence To Passion For The Game

Keanu Reeves Will Appear A Lot In Cyberpunk 2077 As Johnny Silverhand; Credits His Large Presence To Passion For The Game
Credit: Cyberpunk 2077 via YouTube

There are a lot of anticipated games coming out in 2020, but very few can much the electric buzz of Cyberpunk 2077. Ever since this futuristic RPG was first announced back many years ago, gamers began fantasizing what it would be like. As it stands today, the game is looking to be everything we hoped for.

The visuals are down right jaw-dropping. The story options are setting up an incredible adventure. Even the characters are painting quite the interactive experience with NPCs. This is pretty clear with the addition of Keanu Reeves, the star of the Matrix and John Wick movies.

His addition was pretty surprising and took many by surprise at this year’s E3. It was the perfect addition, though. If you don’t already know, Keanu Reeves will be playing Johnny Silverhand. He appears as a ghost-like hologram, who kind of acts as your guide throughout the game’s story.

According to reports, Keanu will be showing up as Johnny quite a lot — which is a recipe for success. Reeves credits this pretty large presence to passion he’s had for the game ever since it went into production. He enjoyed his role so much — in fact — that Reeves was the one that championed a larger role. That’s according to the Italian voice actor Luca Ward.

It’s pretty incredible to see Reeves take so much of an interest in the role. Coming off John Wick 3, the world is Reeves’ oyster pretty much. He could do a lot of things in Hollywood, yet as of late, his passion has been this video game.

It just shows what type of interesting and great person Reeves is. His presence should make Cyberpunk 2077 that much more distinct and fun to play. Reeves’ character (Johnny) will be able to show up at any time in holographic form thanks to a chip inside your character’s (V) head.

It’s ideas like this that are making this game one of the most anticipated titles in recent memory. CD Projekt Red is going all out to make it stand out in every department. Thus far, they’ve done an incredible job. Who knows how much better this game actually will be once it officially comes out in April of next year.

Fans are getting ready for diverse augment options, interesting dialogue trees with characters, and a competent combat system that lets you approach enemies in different ways. If there’s one game that can end this generation of consoles with a bang, it’s Cyberpunk 2077.