Just A Few Days Before Modern Warfare: Call Of Duty Is Out, Sony Pulls The Plug On Russian At This Time

Just A Few Days Before Modern Warfare: Call Of Duty Is Out, Sony Pulls The Plug On Russian At This Time
Credit: Call of Duty via YouTube

Activision, an American video game publisher, recently confirmed Sony’s decision to remove the popular first-person shooter from the sale (COD: Modern Warfare).

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is coming out this Friday on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and surprisingly PC, unfortunately, folks in Russia won’t partake of the latest big-budget blockbuster series on the PlayStation store, has Activision said.

Asides being available digitally on both PC and Xbox One, Sony unapologetically delisted the game on Russia’s PlayStation Store. A recent tweet from Sony Russia’s twitter handle broke the news, and since then, Activision confirmed Sony’s update to Eurogamer of the sad headline.

COD: Modern Warfare is a fictional game that has been carefully planned and thought out to bring fulfillment to fans while narrating an attention-grabbing story. According to how Activision spelled out the sad news: ‘Sony Interactive Entertainment has decided to sell Modern Warfare on the PlayStation in Russia at this time.’

They went on to say: ‘We look forward to releasing Modern Warfare digitally in Russia Officially on 25 October on PC through services like Battle.net and on Xbox console.’ Till now, no one knows why Sony took such a decision, although some physical copies may still find its way to stores, though digitally pre-orders will be canceled.

COD: Modern Warfare is a soft comeback for the franchise, but it takes one back to earlier entries by showing how Russians were cold-war era villains. The Activision blog went on to say: ‘we have to assure a clean slate and no compromises, as Modern Warfare takes you to the core of military operations across the globe, where morals are tested.’

The storyline that may have led to the sudden action

Ahmed Farah Karim plays a significant role in Modern Warfare’s story, as it begins with her tale 20 years before the game events as Russian soldiers kill her parents in a distressing attack on the made-up Middle-Eastern country of Urzikstan. In the present day, she happens to be the leader of the Urzikstan liberation force, ‘which is ironically labeled as a terrorist ops’ by the Russian government.

Henceforth, Farah orders the Russian soldiers to make no distinction between the terror squad Al-Qatala and the liberation fighters. Unfortunately, AQ has a different motive: to kill Farah and the ULF.
So, Call of Duty is no strange idea to the Russians, so it’s bizarre for Sony to take down one of the biggest games of the year, days before its release, especially when other platforms have no problems releasing it digitally in most countries.

Those being the case, get prepared this Friday for the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.