Iron Fist Alexander, A Playable Character In Elden Ring, Can Be Moved To The Top Of The Keyboard’s Escape Button

Iron Fist Alexander, A Playable Character In Elden Ring, Can Be Moved To The Top Of The Keyboard’s Escape Button
Credit: IGN

Iron Fist Alexander has taken up residence on the escape key of an Elden Ring player’s keyboard. After its release in February, the role-playing game has become one of the year’s biggest successes. Because of this, numerous paintings and sculptures have been created based on Elden Ring and its many characters.

Throughout Elden Ring, you may come across Iron Fist Alexander, a non-playable character who is immobile due to being rooted to the ground. If players choose to aid him, he’ll become a Summonable NPC. In addition to granting access to the Jar Helmet, it will trigger a side quest involving the character.

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A member on Reddit with the handle renihskcocffokcuf posted a picture of their modified keyboard. Iron Fist Alexander of Elden Ring is sitting on a piece of dirt and grass at the spot where the escape key should be. The key is incredibly detailed, right down to the runes encircling the jar and cap. The player complained that Alexander would now sit on the keyboard whenever they wanted to angrily quit the game. It’s a fantastic piece that any admirer of the Elden Ring would love to have in their collection.

Numerous users on Reddit have given the keycap a positive reception, and the original post now has more than 2,000 upvotes. In the same vein, other players have inquired where they may acquire an Alexander key, and an Elden Ring enthusiast has proclaimed that the piece is fantastic and must have one. Several players joked that the rage-quit key combination of ALT+F4 still works. However, one commentator pointed out that the Living Jars standing on those keys are invisible.

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The enormous Living Jar has inspired more than just Renihskcocffokcuf’s artistic endeavors. Using crochet, user VogelSlayer created a likeness of Elden Ring’s Alexander. Several of the game character’s distinguishing characteristics, such as his clothing and the designs that decorate his body, have been replicated in the doll. Alexander’s cap, which also bears game symbols, is depicted on the item.