Indie Studio Vethergen Releases Fantasy RPG Serin Fate To Steam Early Access

Indie Studio Vethergen Releases Fantasy RPG Serin Fate To Steam Early Access
Credit: Crytivo via YouTube

The indie scene is still alive and well. If anything, it’s blossoming now more than it ever was, in large part thanks to publishing platforms like Steam and the Early Access programs.

Indie studio Vethergen has published their fantasy RPG title Serin Fate to the Steam Early Access program. Published by Crytivo, the game puts you in the shoes of a witch learning some magic, cleaning huts, and gathering familiars as you try to brave the land.

Speaking on the decision to make the title early access, the developers had the following to say:

“I want to bring Serin Fate to Early Access to allow the gaming community to give feedback and help make Serin Fate become the best it can be!” The developers insist that it’ll remain in Early Access “until the community and I are completely satisfied with the final product.” All in all, the developer expects that it’ll begin to show full potential sometimes within the next 12-18 months, but that there’s still plenty of fun you can have in-game at the moment. While not finished, it’s still more than playable.

Serin Fate is about 50% done right now,” the developer states on the Steam page. “The entire core of the game is finished, and there are 25+ hours of things to explore. In the full version of Serin Fate, I’ll be focusing a lot more on content. The full version will have 100+ Chimera and five Biomes. You can expect many more awesome areas to explore, filled with new Chimera, Monsters, NPCs, and quests.”

Serin Fate is inspired by the classics like Pokemon, Harvest Moon, Runescape, and Chrono Trigger. Players explore the world after being turned into a witch by the titular Serin Fate stone, traveling through a mystical world to learn new spills and scrape together enough copper coins to live. You’ll build up a party and tackle local Chimeras and Monsters to gather up a few battle-ready familiars. Once the sun goes down, though, expect a good bit of trouble and head for the closest home.

While the title is still in alpha and will be throughout the majority (if not the entirety) of Early Access, it’s clear that Vethergen put a great amount of care into Serin Fate. The sprites and environments are all lovingly crafted in a retro style while still having a unique pop to them. Given that there’s still so much to come, it’s an ideal time to grab the game and support your local indie developer while enjoying that classic RPG feel.