Indeed, Loot Boxes Are Sorely Missed By Overwatch Players

Indeed, Loot Boxes Are Sorely Missed By Overwatch Players
Credit: IGN

Blizzard has accomplished the almost complicated by making players enjoy loot boxes. But, unfortunately, the answer is no, not because it improved the unpopular microtransactions; instead, it got rid of them and replaced them with something much worse: the Overwatch 2 battle pass.

It has been called unrewarding and grindy and is said to be related to an in-game store with excessively high prices. Fans of Overwatch are pining away for the days when loot was entirely random. They also argue that modifying the system that determines how players can earn in-game currency is turning them into toxic players since their primary focus is now on completing challenges to unlock skins rather than playing the game itself. Fans feel that Overwatch 2’s market has taken on too many bad aspects typically associated with free-to-play games. As a result, they are hoping for significant adjustments to be made to it.

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We only understood what we had once it was away from the title of one of the most prominent discussion posts on the Overwatch subreddit. It refers to the removal of loot boxes as the subject of conversation.

Do you remember how much fun it was to work through the grind to obtain Christmas treasure boxes? According to the user Lord-Canti on Reddit. Like how, during the Christmas event, everyone was so eager to flaunt their new Christmas outfits and expressions, what with the emotes and skins? It used to be excellent, but the only reward for completing those tedious weekly tasks was a pitiful amount of credits. Playing Overwatch 2 doesn’t feel like it’s worth it.

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The fact that completing weekly challenges is the only method to gain cash without paying for it is what many players find to be the most frustrating aspect of the game. A ten-kill reduction from the initial twenty-kill requirement is one of the requirements for one of the achievements.