HYPERCHARGE Unboxed Brings Toy Warfare To Life On The Nintendo Switch At The End Of January

HYPERCHARGE Unboxed Brings Toy Warfare To Life On The Nintendo Switch At The End Of January
Credit: unusual_house via YouTube

Some may argue games are little more than interactive toys, and that may be a bit insulting, although accurate.  It builds imagination, coordination, and allows players of all ages to explore beyond the comfort of what they know, or even what is possible.  HYPERCHARGE Unboxed literally brings toys to life, in frantic battles of defense, customization, and plastic.  It’s coming to the Nintendo Switch on January 31st, 2020, and looks to be yet another hallmark of adorable action.  Note that it’s already available on Steam since 2017, and the game has been doing rather well on Valve’s platform despite it being Early Access.

In HYPERCHARGE Unboxed, players will take on the plastic boots of Sergeant Max Ammo, charged with the defense of the HYPER-CORE, needing to defend it from evil toys that have also come to life.  Defense of the HYPER-CORE is necessary; should the evil toys destroy it, humanity is doomed.  It’s a bit of a hefty charge for a toy safe for children 8+, but Sgt. Max Ammo finds himself ever ready to defend humanity as the need arises.

The style of presentation is simply adorable; it hearkens back to a simpler time in almost every way, from the plastic army men being blown to chunks to the toy-store aisles that become ground-zero for havoc and messes.  The plastic-fantastic shows off purple weapons, the green army men that are seemingly ubiquitous of growing up, and an unerring sense of nostalgia invoked at every turn.

It’s far from being just another pretty face in the store, however; HYPERCHARGE Unboxed is coming with a bunch of friendly play-modes that many other games willingly forgo.  Split-screen co-op play brings the era of couch-sharing fragging back to the forefront, with up to four players being able to hop in the action if the Switch is docked.  Eight player PvP (which the game refers to as plastic versus plastic) is also available, so you can enjoy murdering other toys just as much as you enjoyed torturing your younger brothers.

On top of that, there’s also a deep customization system in play for your skins; gain experience, and turn yourself into a shotgun-wielding half-man half-chicken.  Even customizable titles are back in fashion in this action-oriented FPS, allowing you to give yourself a readily identifiable moniker fitting of someone as fearsome as yourself.

Thankfully, the ability to play with others won’t cramp the lone-wolves who prefer to go at it themselves.  Single-player playthroughs are more than welcomed from developer Digital Cybercherries, with all content able to be experienced simply by yourself.

Each crafted level allows players to explore freely, finding hidden stashes of credits, coins, batteries, and even collectibles to add to your arsenal.  Ultimately, however, your mission is to protect the CYBER-CORE.  From various turrets, traps, and obstacles to place in the way of foes to give yourself the advantage in every wave, it seems a solid mix of FPS and strategy, much akin to Orcs Must Die or Dungeon Defenders.

From what developers Digital Cybercherries have shown, there’s ample reason to be excited about the end of January.  All they need to do now is pull off the apparently difficult functioning game on release routine, and they’ll get a fanbase well beyond what they’re expecting.  With the game already doing well on Steam, however, they likely have this one in the bag.