Hunt: Showdown’s Latest Update Adds Dual Wielding Functionality To Handguns And Sidearms

Hunt: Showdown’s Latest Update Adds Dual Wielding Functionality To Handguns And Sidearms
Credit: Hunt: Showdown via YouTube

Hunters rejoice! Crytek’s latest update to their horrific battle royale, Hunt: Showdown, has gone live.

Crytek has added a considerable amount of new features to the title with this newest update. The developers added in a trials mode to help flesh out a PvE style game mode, as well as adding in three new legendaries.

However, one of the most interesting features being added with this new patch is the ability to dual-wield smaller weapons. Crytek has made it so that the pistols in the game can now be wielded in pairs.

The following handguns are now available in pairs:

  • Pair of Nagant M1895
  • Pair of Nagant M1895 Silencer
  • Pair of Caldwell Conversion Pistol
  • Pair of Caldwell Conversion Chain Pistol
  • Pair of Caldwell Conversion Uppercut
  • Pair of Caldwell Pax
  • Pair of Caldwell Pax Claw
  • Pair of Bornheim No.3
  • Pair of Bornheim No.3 Extended
  • Pair of Nagant M1895 Officer
  • Pair of Nagant M1895 Officer Brawler
  • Pair of Lemat Mark II
  • Pair of Dolch 96

Each handgun is now equipable as a dual-wield, but must be equipped as a matched pair. Players will not be able to mix and match different pistols, it seems, though there could be a chance for such a thing to be added.

Still, this is a bit unlikely. Allowing players to equip two different pistols would essentially be equivalent to increasing the variety of weaponry that can be brought into a match, which would almost undoubtedly snowball into a meta before long.

Dual-wielding will be available from the start at Rank 1, and also won’t require any special unlocks through traits or other such mechanics. This means that players will be able to jump right into a match from the beginning with two pistols in their hands.

Another important mechanic to keep in mind is that weapon pairs can’t be separated once a game has begun. Players will be committed to using the dual-wield option throughout an entire game, until they’ve extracted.

Finally, players will also be able to loot a dual-wield option off of a dead Hunter’s corpse just as they would any other weapons. The same rule applies, however – the pistols cannot be separated and must be dual-wielded.

In terms of what to expect, dual-wielded weaponry will be fired one after another rather than simultaneously. Recoil will be increased, which will make the weapons a bit less accurate, especially when fired repeatedly.

However, the trade-off of increased attack speed makes them a fantastic choice at short range where you can sacrifice a bit of accuracy. Players should experiment around with them to see which pistols best compliment the new playstyle.