Homeworld Mobile Gameplay Trailer Releases Along With Beta Sign-Ups

Homeworld Mobile Gameplay Trailer Releases Along With Beta Sign-Ups
Credit: Homeworld via YouTube

Homeworld was initially developed by Relic Entertainment and published by Sierra Studios in 1999. The game was well-received for a title that was only released on PC/Mac.

In 2013, the game had a change of owners to Gearbox Software. Two years later, they released remastered versions of Homeworld 1 and 2. Homeworld 3 was crowdfunded through Fig and is scheduled to be released in Q4 2022.

While long-time fans of the series wait for the next game, Gearbox Software has announced the game is coming to mobile. The announcement was accompanied by a gameplay trailer.

In Homeworld Mobile, players will explore a new galaxy, customize ships, battle new enemies, assist new allies,

The gameplay trailer may be enough to hype up new and old fans of the series, but Gearbox has more in store. Players can now sign-up for the closed beta on the official Homeworld Mobile website. Those who are chosen for the closed beta will receive further information by email.

Currently, there’s no information regarding a release date or which mobile platform the game will come out on first. The game isn’t yet available on the Play Store or App Store, which means that players may be beta testing through Test Flight on iOS.

There’s no information about the game’s plot so far. The official website only has a sign-up form to gain early access to the beta.

In the gameplay trailer, some fans have announced concern about if this will be a new game. Others have expressed they’d like to see a mobile port of the first two games instead. From the small amount of information so far, it appears that Homeworld Mobile will be a brand new game just for mobile devices.

There is more information regarding Homeworld 3 on the Fig crowdfunding platform.

Homeworld returns with the next chapter of the story. Homeworld 3 is the true sequel to the legendary space-faring RTS. Blackbird Interactive, founded by original Homeworld Art Director Rob Cunningham, takes the helm on development, returning the series to its roots with a gripping continuation of the story, fully 3D combat, and the classic RTS elements you expect.” states the game’s official summary on Fig.

Anyone who backs Homeworld 3 through Fig will get access to the Homeworld Mobile beta.