Heroes Of The Storm’s Newest Patch Tweaks Call For Help, Alters Hanamura

Heroes Of The Storm’s Newest Patch Tweaks Call For Help, Alters Hanamura
Credit: Heroes of the Storm via YouTube

Blizzard’s foray into the MOBA genre, Heroes of the Storm, is getting a sizeable update in its next patch! This patch is bringing a huge amount of changes, including tweaking a few new systems.

Not long ago, we discussed the new Nexus Anomaly coming to Heroes of the Storm, Call for Help. The Call for Help mechanic reworked the way that defensive structures like forts, keeps, and towers work, allowing them to offer more protection to players that were relying on them. As well as improving the damage drastically of these defensive structures, Blizzard also improved the targeting priority systems of the structures, allowing them to shine through with much more defensive power than their previously insignificant impact.

However, it seems like Blizzard may have been too generous in buffing the towers. Their latest patch will be nerfing towers a bit, as well as making a few changes to the map, Hanamura.

Looking at the changes coming to Call for Help, Blizzard has made the following changes:

  • Tower, Fort, and Keep damage has been reduced by 10%
  • Structures will now only focus attacks on enemy heroes if they attack an allied hero who is also within their range
  • Self-damage from heroes will no longer cause structures to change their focus towards them
  • Periodic DoT effects will also no longer gain turret aggro.

“We believe that currently towers are punishing aggressive play too much, so we’re lowering their damage to give diving heroes more time to make plays before they have to escape,” Blizzard explained. “Our goal overall with the system is to still have aggressive play be possible and rewarded, but to also give the defending team a way to punish prolonged Tower dives, which is primarily due to the stacking Armor debuff.”

Moving to the changes made to Hanamura, there isn’t too much that’ll radically change the way the map plays. Objective Missile damage has been increased modestly, going from 1800 damage to 1900 instead. The Samurai Camp has had a bit of a nerf as well, with the Laner version having its health reduced considerably, as well as lowering its health scaling by 10%

“We’ve heard feedback that players believe the pushing Samurai camp is too strong and the objective is too weak,” Blizzard explained. Their goal with these changes is to make the easy-to-earn reward of the Samurai camp not be such a powerful, dominant force in lane.

And those are the changes! These new alterations to the Call for Help anomaly are certain to make a solid impact on how aggressive and defensive players are able to be.